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Social Bookmarking Sites: Free Marketing For Your Business

Last Updated on May 29, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Today’s tech-savvy world requires that any business, especially a small business or start-up, needs to have a strong presence on the web.  Having a website is just scratching the surface.  Social media is booming, and using social networking sites to promote business is becoming commonplace.  However, one area that is too often overlooked in our Web 2.0 world is the social bookmarking site.  Social bookmarking is a gem of a business tool that is essentially free marketing for your business.  With social bookmarking you can drive more traffic to your site, quickly access new business resources, and build and strengthen relationships with your clients and potential clients. All for the low, low cost of…free!

Do You Want More Traffic?

Of course you do!  Social bookmarking is a great way to drive traffic right to your site.  The fact is, if a bookmark that leads to your site hits the front page of a social bookmarking site, your server may crash as a result of all the new traffic coming in.  That is not a bad thing if you are used to very low traffic.  The reason this works is because when users on the social bookmarking site add your bookmark to their list, it automatically creates a back link to your site.  The more people that add your site, the more people that will see the link and visit your site.  This will not only increase your links and make you  much more likely to be indexed by the search engines, it will also drive more visitors directly to your site.  All you have to do to make this happen is:

  • Create bookmarks to your own site when you sign up
  • Encourage others to bookmark certain pages on your site or your blog
  • Build your bookmarking community and share valuable, relevant, exciting links with them.

Now you have increased your visibility to your potential customer base, increased your rankings on the search engine, and probably boosted your bottom line, all for the cost of the time it takes you to set-up and post to the site.  A worthy investment indeed!

Do You Need New Information Quickly?

The amount of new information going back and forth in the business world can be mind boggling.  You can get a handle on the information and stay up-to-date on the latest trends for your business by utilizing your community and RSS feeds on your social bookmarking site.  This way you can filter only the topics and sites that are relevant to you and get the latest updates as they come in.  A great way to stay ahead of the game.

Do You Want To Strengthen  Your Relationships?

Social bookmarking sites are also a great way to strengthen relationships with your current customers/clients and gain some new ones!  You can start looking for information that will be beneficial to your existing client, or impress a new one by providing them with cutting edge ideas that you glean from scanning your social bookmarking site.  That’s just one more tool in your belt for drumming up new business or keeping your current clients.

Here’s What You Do

  • Sign up for one social bookmarking site (some of the best ones are Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon and Reddit) Each one is different and akin to learning a program so start with one at a time.
  • Make sure to submit interesting, high-quality content from your site or blog
  • Encourage people to add you to their network, and to add your blog, website, or web page to their bookmarks.
  • Start to build your network and share bookmarks
  • Start looking for relevant bookmarks that can help you and your business

It’s that simple!  Do yourself and your business a favor and go sign up on just one site…today!

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