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Strategies for a Profitable Ecommerce Holiday Season

Last Updated on Oct 29, 2012 by Jenna Scaglione

It’s time to prepare for the retail holiday season…

Ecommerce retailers begin their holiday strategies throughout September and October and start implementing their campaigns right away. Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving specials, and holiday discounts, just in time for gift-giving, make this time of year one of the most profitable seasons for Ecommerce stores worldwide.

Though profits are numerous during this season, competition is often fierce and can steal increases from stores that work so hard to prepare. To compete with your rivals, you must maximize your conversions and sweeten your offers to land the sales. Think about going “above and beyond the call of duty” and lining up unique offers that will cause your customers to choose your store over your competitors.

Conversion Boosters

Bundle sales – Do you sell related products? Consider bundling them into worthwhile combinations.

Repurpose – Repurpose some of your best-selling items into “gift ideas”. Add calls to action on your home page and throughout your web properties and advertise “popular gift ideas” as a new category. While these products will hail from your current inventory, repurposing them will create urgency and allow your customers to look at your products in a new way. If you have multiple products, separate them into categories like, “women’s gifts”, “best selling gifts”, “men’s gifts”, “our most popular gifts”, etc.

Shipping details – Your checkout page and/or shopping cart should allow consumers to estimate when they can expect their package. Shoppers will hop around to different websites if they are looking for a specific ship date. Also, keep a banner going on your website that reminds customers of how many days they have left to order to receive a package on a specific date.

Newsletter – Hopefully, you have a newsletter running. If not, encourage customers to sign up to receive special holiday discounts. Don’t forget to capture those abandoned shopping carts with targeted emails and advertise your discounts there as well.

Optimize for Mobile

Mobile shopping has exploded in recent years and this coming holiday season should shatter previous records. If your website is not optimized for a mobile audience you could potentially lose thousands of dollars in sales.

Mobile sites are lightweight, easy to navigate and only contain the most important elements. They load fast and give mobile users a valuable user experience. Your desktop site viewed on a mobile device is heavy, may load slow and could create a difficult shopping experience for your customers which could deter sales.

Don’t have time to transform your store into the ultimate mobile experience? Consider a downloadable app that allows customers to buy easily and without much effort.

Social Engagement

The holidays bring out the best in people and cause them to want to share, discuss and laugh. Your social media campaigns must be as engaging as possible during the holiday season. If your campaign has been somewhat slow, take the time before the rush and start gaining momentum by posting valuable content, starting new conversations and prepping your fans/followers for the holiday deals.

Take advantage of some of Facebook’s premium products such as Sponsored stories, Offers, or ads to generate buzz around your sales and discounts. Use contests to further spread the word and gain more “likes” just in time for the season rush.

Preparation is Crucial

Take the next week to strategize your plan of attack. Research your competition and outperform them by staying smart and thinking outside of the box. Be creative, engage your customers where they are and get ready for a profitable holiday season. Good luck!



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