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The Advantages of Responsive Design for Mobile Ecommerce Sites

In continuation of last week’s post on responsive design, I wanted to further discuss why responsive design has become so popular for Ecommerce sites. Though in its infancy as far as technology goes, it has paved the way for more valuable customer experiences, increased conversions and more money in the pockets of those who utilize…

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Why Responsive Design is Essential for the Mobile Ecommerce Experience

Smartphones, tablets, mobile devices—they have dominated the marketplace and their usage continues to increase at an exponential rate. Hundreds of millions of people in America alone use mobile devices and this number skyrockets with every country added to the list. Mobile access is so popular because users want fast, portable solutions that only these devices…

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The Minimalist Guide to Ecommerce Mobile Marketing

Concerned about the mobile users you may be losing due to poor marketing methods? Mobile marketing has become increasing popular. According to a comScore study, approximately 234 million Americans use mobile devices and this number continues to skyrocket by double digit percentages. For this reason and the fact that shopping on mobile devices continues to…

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