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Website automations that you should consider investing in

In today’s digital era, your website needs to have the right automation tools to help you to keep up with the developing needs of your customers. Since there’s a vast assortment of A.I. assistance available to help you save time, communicate efficiently with your customers and suppliers, as well as enhance your online presence, you…

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How can your company stay on top of the e-commerce game?

investing in e-commerce

Investing in e-commerce is a strategic move if you’re a business owner hoping to stand out from your industry competition. After all, the online world is constantly evolving and with new, innovative technology and tactics, it’s important to stay on top of the changes. While you probably already know that enticing web designs are a…

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Website Usability Depends on Website ‘Cruise-Ability’

Did you know that poor navigation is one of the top reasons that a visitor will leave a website? A Harris Interactive survey* found that 40% of online shoppers experienced problems with website navigation. Of these people that experience problems with navigation – 42% said they either left the online transaction before completion, or went…

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