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The 5 Indisputable Laws of Facebook Marketing

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

With all of the Facebook marketing content available on the web, it can be difficult for marketers to pinpoint exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to get the job done. Overwhelm sets in and a failure to act becomes a solution to the problem…but this will only lead to failure.

Now that Facebook has officially launched its Timeline for Business Pages, it’s important to ensure your marketing is up to the challenge. Whether you run a small Ecommerce store or a large corporation, follow these five unchanging Facebook laws so you can build a strong foundation upon which your Ecommerce Facebook Page can grow and thrive.

LAW #1

Talk back when you are spoken to.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you to speak when spoken to? Ignoring was never an option.

Social media is much like an ongoing conversation. Conversations require speaking and listening, asking questions and answering. The only time you are allowed to stay silent on your Facebook Page is when you become the president of the United States or you are as popular as Lady Gaga. Everyone else must talk back!

Note: Your Facebook EdgeRank score is determined by how many comments and interaction your post receives. The higher your score, the more fans will see your Facebook posts in their news feeds.


Don’t sell. Make your brand attractive

There is a difference between selling with in-your-face advertising, and connecting at such a level that your customers want to buy from you. One of the purposes of social media is to make your brand so attractive that your customers remember you when it is time to buy.

Be careful with posting advertising-related content. It’s good to post about discounts or new products, but that should not constitute the main focus of your campaign.

LAW #3

Seek relationships first; fans second.

If you focus on simply increasing your fan count, you may have a nice, shiny number, but if your profits do not increase, what does it really matter?

The reason why increasing your fan count is so important is because it gives you more opportunities to share your brand with others and build online relationships. This is how brands grow. When engagement is a focus, sharing is encouraged and people will see you as more of a player in your industry, leading to popularity over time.

LAW #4

Your Facebook fans are more than “Like button clickers”

It’s easy to forget that Facebook fans are more than invisible people who click and write on your posts. You will never connect with your fans unless you recognize them as living, breathing people with needs and desires. And your ability to fulfill their desires will determine your Facebook marketing success.

Authenticity + Engagement = Broader Facebook Reach

This desire to connect will spill over and contribute to the success of your entire campaign because it will help you appear authentic and real.

LAW #5

Gratitude opens the door for more success

In life, your gratitude and contentment will bring to you more reasons to be thankful. The same dynamic occurs with your Facebook Page. Thank your fans for their support and be grateful for them. They will feel appreciated and in turn will contribute to a successful Facebook campaign for your business.

Do you follow these Facebook laws? Have you broken any of them?


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