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The Case of the Missing Product Page SEO – How to Steal the Bulk of your Market

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Though search engine optimization is most likely a part of your eCommerce online marketing strategy, are you really utilizing it to its full potential? Maybe you mastered SEO…maybe you are just learning…either way, it’s an important component of your marketing strategy and you should continue to expand its use to every page of your store.

The crime of eCommerce SEO is that because online retailers sell so many products and their websites contain so many pages, they often neglect to optimize their product pages. As a result, they miss out on a ton of extra traffic coming from the long tail and product names for which buying customers search.

How do you SEO your product pages?

1. Optimize Product Names – It may seem silly to optimize for the product name “come dance with me crystal picture frame” but if this product is specifically what your consumers are looking for, they will search for this particular item by typing its exact name into a search query. Furthermore, if consumers are typing in a specific product name they are much farther along in the buying process and are closer to a sale than someone who simply was searching for “crystal picture frames”. You can snag these extra sales and collectively enhance your profits.

Tip: If your product name is ambiguous like “red antique brocade blouse” and it’s not a specific name exclusive to a product line, search for related keywords consumers use to find the type of product you are selling and consider changing the name of the product. Add this new name to your metadata and product description as well.

2.  Get Creative – Besides optimizing for your product name, find other ways your product is being searched. For example, if your “come dance with me crystal picture frame” is also searched as “dance with me crystal frame” or “crystal dance with me frame”, optimize for these phrases as well by adding them to your descriptions and metadata.  To hit this market even harder, take notice of the terms consumers are typing into the search query box on your website. If you see similarities among any, consider optimizing with these phrases as well.

3.   Use Alt tags and Metadata – Google has told the general population that metadata does not affect the rankings anymore, but it is still wise to include it for other search engines and for relevance. Also, add alt tags to your images so they describe the product in the image.

4.   Use Breadcrumb menus – A breadcrumb menu allow users to track their steps through your site. In your breadcrumb menu, make sure to include the new titles of your products as well.

Example:  picture frames > crystal picture frames > come dance with me crystal picture frame

It may sound like a monumental task, but optimizing your product pages can turn into extra profits. Take it one day at a time and be consistent. Once you start to see your analytics exploding with product related searches, you will understand the importance of product page SEO.

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