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The cost you pay as a business when you have a bad design

Last Updated on Jul 28, 2022 by Numinix Developer

Web designers often emphasize the importance of a good, user-friendly online presence, yet business owners often struggle when they attempt to understand and justify the expense of professional web design. In today’s technological era, having an eclectic design is more than a status symbol, and its usability, graphics, and content affect the bottom line of a businesses success, which is why we’re here to tell you how neglecting your website has discouraged visitors from completing their online purchases. 

What components contribute to a bad web design?

While there’s no particular formula for poor web design, there are some elements that will make a website more inferior to its competitors. Regardless of if your e-commerce website possesses the most fantastic ideas, if they’re poorly executed by way your mediocre web design, it will raise red flags to potential customers and kill your search engine optimization (SEO) and conversation rates. 

Here are some common web design issues that Numinix Web Development Inc. sees with our prospective clients:

  • The website is too cluttered: A professional web design should have some alluring visuals, a compelling call-to-action, and valuable content that is displayed in a visually attractive way. On the other hand, many pages we look at first glance are overcrowded, which is displeasing to the eye and questions the credibility of the business owner. It’s important to utilize the golden design rule of white space to attract user attention and remember that simplicity is better and will increase the likelihood of shoppers buying off of your website. 
  • The website is experiencing issues with its content: While many people think that content isn’t a major element within the professional web design of their business, that’s simply not the case, as high-quality content is a useful driving factor in boosting your SEO ranking and conversion rate. Not only will credible and thoughtfully written content solidify your reputation as a business, but it will also secure you a place in the high search engine results. That being said, the best places to update your website’s content are the company blog (which should be posted on frequently), the portfolio, and the “about us” and “our mission” pages. 
  • The website is hard to navigate: Shoppers today expect seamless usability on every screen, which means that it’s your job as a business owner to live up to their expectations. Usability gives websites a competitive advantage with the ability to make more money and establish a following with a committed customer base. If your website is slow to load, trying to click, or leaves users unable to find what they’re looking for, trust us when we say that they will take their business elsewhere. 
  • The website has an overwhelming amount of flashy animation: While animations serve their purpose professionally, they often make the website more challenging to navigate, with large files slowing down the speed of the pages and increasing bounce rates.

How can a bad web design affect your business?

Now that you understand what website components have the potential to contribute to a bad web design, it’s also important to discuss how the above elements impact the bottom line for your business. While it can prove to be challenging to measure how much money your business will loose from disgruntled visitors, generally speaking, a bad web design will:

  • Damage your businesses credibility
  • Make your website look dated and behind with the times.
  • Cost your business recurring customers every time a user navigates away from your website. 

User experience is one of the key elements in a successful website

In today’s digital age, it simply isn’t enough to create a website to attract visitors. While online shopping is more prevalent than it has ever been before, choices are also more abundant, making it so that your realm of competition has greatly expanded to include many other businesses that are also focused on attracting the same target audience. This is why professional web design is so important. Attractive visuals and a functional layout make the shopping experience more enjoyable for the user. 

So, aside from hiring a company to orchestrate some high-quality graphics to use throughout your website, what other ways can you improve your user experience through design?

  • Complete a website overhaul: Are there too many unappealing issues with your website’s current design? Have a professional graphic designer plot a new course of visuals for your website and hire a front-end web developer to make it all come to life. 
  • Optimize and compress your images and files: This will increase your website’s load time and in turn, web conversions. 
  • Remove extra website pop-ups: While a small window suggesting that a customer subscribes to your newsletter is an ideal way to grab hold of new emails, too many pop-ups are annoying and generally take away from the overall user experience. 
  • Ensure your website is responsive: Looks and functionality go hand-in-hand and it’s important that your website is visually and physically appealing on every type of device, including the various ranges of mobile smart devices. 

The user’s experience is either positive or negative and while many factors combine to make a single visitor impression, the more simplistic and enjoyable the experience is for the visitor, the more likely there are to become a recurring customer that’s happy to carry out their shopping purchases through your online portal. 

What are some mistakes business owners make when investing in a website re-design?

Since your e-commerce website is a visual representation of your business it’s important to use this online medium as an integral business investment. While websites are incredibly beneficial for selling products and services to consumers, a poorly designed site spoils your companies reputation among its once-trusted customers. 

If you’re unsure of how to carry out a re-design, start by asking yourself the following questions: 

  1. Does my website look antiquated?
  2. Are my sales and user conversions steadily decreasing?
  3. Is my website not user-friendly?

If you answered “yes” to all the above questions, it’s time for you to invest in a revamped, professional web design from Numinix Web Development Inc. 

However, while you’re waiting for your reply from our delightful service team, here are top mistake business owners make when investing in their re-design:

  • Forgetting to analyze their current web design before seeking a new one. 
  • Disregarding the benefit of setting business goals.
  • Picking aesthetic improvements over functionality.
  • Failing to research and set an appropriate budget. 
  • Not understanding the concept of how long a project may take. 
  • Neglecting search engine optimization (SEO). 
  • Overlooking the power of having a strong content strategy. 
  • Ignoring the importance of continuing development, debugging, and other improvements once the new website is launched. 

What makes a good website?

Now that you’re well-versed in what a bad website looks like, it’s time to flip things around and discuss valuable websites and how they improve your business outcomes. Aside from retaining customers, good websites also keep your page at the top of SEO rankings to allow your business to reach its full potential. 

Here are some other things to consider:

  • Regularly update your web content by providing links to credible sources within your industry. 
  • Invest in a clear, user-friendly design that requires very little backtracking and a concise call-to-action. 
  • Mobile compatibility. 
  • Quick, convenient navigation.
  • Emphasis on important website elements.  

Are you interested in the intersection between UX and UI Design? Speak with a representative from our team to learn more by dropping a comment below.

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