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The Facebook Revolution Continues: Sharing Content Statistics

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Social media has exploded on the internet and as a result it has become one of the premier methods to marketing a brand online. Recent statistics reveal the powerful influence Facebook has had on sharing content across the web.

ShareThis put together a study with the help of Starcom Media Vest Group and Rubinson Partners to examine the clicking habits of 300 million people on a monthly basis. Three million people share links via ShareThis on over 1 million websites.

The results of the study revealed that Facebook accounts for 38% of all referral traffic from sharing, followed by email and Twitter. It’s important to note that while Twitter and email content sharing decreased this year in relation to last year, Facebook content sharing has increased substantially.

If you look at the raw data (shared links but not clicked), Facebook dominates with 56% of all shared content on the internet.

For eCommerce stores, Facebook can be a big factor as it relates to marketing strategies. While all content is generally shared on many social media sites, Facebook is better suited for content sharing involving entertainment and shopping related information in contrast to its competitor, Twitter, who favors business and heath related links. Facebook gives store owners the ability to leverage discounts, promotions and the overall opinion of customers to bring in even more buzz and profits to business brands.

The Mystery of Facebook

Ecommerce retailers at one time were skeptical about getting involved with an interactive medium such as Facebook fearing the time spent would cut into profit increasing activities. Offline advertising often reveals a quick ROI and the ability to see what ads are working and which ones are not. For this reason, many businesses failed to see the potential of Facebook.

With social media, the ROI is not as cut and dry. Gaining more “Likes” does not necessarily turn right into profits and it can take some time to build a successful Facebook page. The fact you cannot ignore, however, is that every day you wait to use Facebook another company has jumped ahead you and is on its way to building a successful brand. One of these companies could be your competitor.

Facebook differs from traditional marketing methods in that the ROI may take longer to perceive. Facebook represents an indirect method of marketing. It attracts people to your brand and gets them engaged with your message and what you offer. Over time, your potential customers will want to buy from you because they enjoy interacting with you and they see the value you offer.

Facebook bypasses the traditional hurdles of marketing and allows you to build a credible, reputable, interactive online brand. You simply cannot ignore the sheer power of social media and what it represents. If you are online and involved in eCommerce, you should get in line with the masses and showcase who you are to the world on Facebook.

Image source: http://techcrunch.com/2011/06/06/sharethis-facebook-38-percent-traffic/

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