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The Top 5 Ecommerce Blogging Tips

Last Updated on Dec 14, 2023 by Nurul Afsar

Blogging has dominated the social internet marketing sphere since before the days of Facebook, Twitter or any other wildly popular social media website. Savvy ecommerce stores understand how blogging helps to connect them with their audience which is why the practice has become a common staple of their marketing blueprints.

With the many strategies ecommerce stores implement, blogging can sometimes sit at the backburner of the more “popular” methods of marketing like email marketing, conversion optimization and SEO. However, blogging fits into all of these methods because each one affects the other. For example, Google loves content, so the more content you have on your site (blogs), the higher you will rank. Also, blogs tend to increase conversions because they make a company appear more professional and connected to the customer.

Want to boost your ecommerce blogging efforts? Here are 5 tips to help you do it.

1. Keep it up! If you start blogging, don’t post a few articles and leave the blog stagnant. There is nothing worse than a blog that contains outdated posts. It’s almost better to avoid starting one if you cannot implement a posting schedule.

Tip: To ensure you post regularly, create an editorial calendar that includes pre-determined topics, deadlines and publish dates. If you hire writers, use the calendar to assign posts and deadlines.

2. Share Often – Use your other marketing strategies to share your blog posts. Mention new posts on Twitter and Facebook and in your weekly email newsletter. Ask for feedback to generate interest and discover topics your customers would enjoy.

3. Allow customers to share your posts – Add social buttons to your blog and test various positions to see which converts the highest. From my experience, share buttons located directly below the post work well because customers will see them right after they are done reading which will compel them to share if they like what they read.

4. Develop a personality – Your blog content will differ from your website content. Web content is tailored more towards sales, while blog writing is centered on offering customers quality, helpful, more personable, fun content. The personality of the content will depend on your audience. A kid’s clothing store would do well with a more fun, less informal vibe that caters to mothers looking for clothing for their children. A blog about law web design may still be informal, but catered more towards career professionals. Know your audience first, and tailor your blog to meet their needs and give them the space to feel comfortable conversing and interacting with your brand.

5. Increase your exposure – Attracting an audience can be difficult, especially in the beginning stages of blog writing.

Follow these tips:

  • Guest post on related blogs
  • Link to related sites occasionally. When the webmasters check their links, they will notice your blog. Develop relationships with these bloggers to increase your exposure and create more opportunities for expansion.
  • Comment on other blogs and show your expertise to attract more readers.
  • Run contests offering valuable prizes where entrants gain more entries the more they share your post.
  • For more tips, click on this previous article about increasing your blog’s traffic

There are hundreds of strategies you can implement to get your ecommerce blog up and running, but the above five are a great place to start.

Do you have an ecommerce blog? How do you promote it?

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