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The Two Continuing Ecommerce Trends of 2013

Last Updated on May 28, 2013 by Jenna Scaglione

light bulbInternet marketing and Ecommerce in general are always shifting and changing, with new trends coming and going continuously, begging us to take notice.

Each year brings with it fresh ideas; but not all are wise to pursue. We must sort through the fads and unnecessary strategies to adopt those that will increase our ROI without stealing our valuable time. Throughout the year, these strategies change, evolve or die out and those that remain are usually worth pursuing if they apply to our unique business model.

1. Mobile

This one is no surprise. Mobile has remained a solid, upward sloping trend for many years, a signal that it is not going away anytime soon.

The mobile market includes millions of online shoppers waiting for retailers to optimize their mobile experience. Tablet and smartphone users are smart enough to know they do not want to pinch and scroll their way to the checkout page. With so many optimized mobile Ecommerce websites, they can simply choose the best experience and leave “un-optimized” stores, possibly never to return again.

How do you optimize your customers’ mobile experience?

One of the most cost-effective ways is via responsive design. A responsive design allows your website to automatically adjust to any mobile device screen size so the user does not have to do the adjusting. It’s affordable because it eliminates the need to create several new mobile sites to accommodate the numerous screen sizes. It also eliminates heavy maintenance costs for additional sites.

To learn more about how responsive design can benefit your store, click here.

2. Customer Relationship Management

What is your customer’s experience like? What relationship do you have with them?

If you see your customer as just another person who visits your website and makes a purchase, you will be left behind. Successful companies realize that the customer relationship is one of the most important entities to Ecommerce success. The relationship begins way before the purchase and never ends, even after the purchase is made. Marketing strategies such as social media, blogging, and strategic email marketing allow you to remain connected to your customers, opening the door for higher customer retention and loyalty. In an ideal world, your brand can develop consumer advocates who not only adore your store, but also recommend and share your products with their inner circle. This is only possible via a strong CRM component.

Regardless of the particular Ecommerce strategy or trend you adopt, pay attention to those that outlive the monthly fads. Mobile and customer relationship management are not going anywhere, but not all Ecommerce companies have jumped on board. The stores that invest the extra time and effort to implement and maintain these trends will enjoy a competitive edge in their industry.

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