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We unlocked the entry barriers to our premium plugins

  Great news: you can now subscribe to use our plugins for as little as $5 per month. We believe subscription pricing offers many advantages for our customers. Here is a breakdown of the benefits:   No Up-Front Payments Subscription pricing makes our e-commerce solutions accessible to startups or growing companies by allowing entrepreneurs to have…

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Google’s New Mobile Friendly Label

Internet browsing on a mobile phone is becoming increasingly popular. However, such browsing can be annoying when you try to navigate through a website that isn’t optimized to be viewed on smaller devices. The text is too small, and too much scrolling and swiping is needed before you actually find what you want. Furthermore, websites…

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3 Benefits of Numinix Service Plans: Outsourcing with Professionalism and Excellence

Every e-commerce store owner who uses Zen Cart as their platform is all too familiar with the frustration of finding a professional Zen Cart development company.  Our industry is seemingly riddled either with “companies” who pop up overnight and disappear the next week, or with well-meaning individuals who have taken on Zen Cart development as…

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