Want to Own Your Own Business: What About Drop Shipping?



If you’re looking to enter the world of ecommerce but don’t have a personally designed product ready for market, drop shipping may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Drop shipping has become one of the leading ecommerce sales strategies. Similar to a department store selling a range of brands and items, none made in-house, drop shipping allows you limitless product freedom and endless storage space.

Simply put, drop shipping is when you, the retailer, never actually own or house any of the inventory you are selling – who really has space for 10,000 of anything? Instead, as a drop shipper, you are the resourceful middle-man that sells the goods on your site and passes orders along to a wholesale drop shipping company for them to produce, pack and fulfill the purchase order. As the middle man (or woman) your profit is the difference between your product’s retail price and the drop shipping company’s fees.

The greatest benefits of drop shipping, in addition to what we’ve already covered, is the low start-up and maintenance costs. Unlike a more traditional ecommerce situation, which may include in-house inventors/designers, in-house storage and personally managed shipping, drop shipping minimizes or fully eliminates all of the above. Additional perks include a reduced risk of inventory damage, remote work options and high scalability.

If you’re interested in becoming an ecommerce expert with a strategic drop shipping sales plan, sign up for one of our Service Plans today. We can help you design, implement and market an ecommerce shop that meets all your sales needs.

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