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What are Numinix’s top 5 paid plugins?

best Zen Cart modules

best Zen Cart modules

As a business owner, one of the best ways that you can extend your website’s features and capabilities, aside from installing a range of our Top 5 Free Plugins, is by investing in your e-commerce development. While it can be expensive and exhaustive to sort through the list of modules that are available to you, it’s always good to target elements of your page that have the potential to increase conversions, because the more money you’re making, the more you can put back into your business! That’s why we’ve made a list of the top 5 add-ons that tackle conversion setbacks due to speed, processing, design, and accessibility. 

#1 One Page Responsive Checkout 

One of the most important elements of your website’s development is the checkout phase because businesses thrive when their customers can easily process their purchases. 

The One Page Responsive Checkout Plugin provides consumers with a speedy and functional one-click checkout layout that perfectly performs to whichever dimensions are associated with the device that’s being used mobile, tablet and desktop. The best part about this particular custom module is that it’s known to heighten conversion rates, allowing shoppers to carry out their purchases by entering their information and payment all on one page, rather than using the traditional multi-page checkout method. Thus, our customers consider it to be one of the best Zen Cart modules on the market, requiring minimal site changes to implement. So, if you want to lower your drop-off rates and stop losing big sales with your current, confusing checkout system, it’s time to upgrade to this versatile plugin!  

#2 Fast and Easy Ajax Checkout

While condensing your checkout phase down into one page is a great way to attract inattentive shoppers, possessing a plugin that speeds up your checkout process is another way that you can move forward with increased conversions. 

The Fast and Easy Ajax Checkout Plugin will exceedingly speed up your Zen Cart checkout process, ensuring that impatient customers don’t stray away from processing their online orders. Not only is this one of the best Zen Cart modules that Numinix has to offer but it captures customer attention with an attractive, streamlined interface, encouraging shoppers to carry out their purchases quickly and efficiently every time. This type of relationship builds customer trust within your brand and makes first-time visitors turn into repeat customers. 

#3 Google Product Search Feeder Plugin

It’s no secret that submitting products to Google Product Search will expose them to a wider audience, however, this premium plugin makes it faster and easier to import items into Google Merchant Center, to later be included in Google Product Search results. Since time is of the essence when it comes to business management, this invaluable tool will work to generate the data feed of your product catalog, making Google Shopping advertisements and ensuring that your website follows the recommended specifications that make the powerful module successfully orchestrate your campaigns. 

Previously, the Google Product Search Feeder Plugin could only be used for Google Shopping, but now Google products within the feeder for Google Merchant Center will also show up in organic search results. So, since pay-per-click advertising is the gateway onto Google Shopping, it’s time for you to use this development upgrade and start taking full advantage of the SEO benefits of one of the best Zen Cart modules in the business. 

#4 Social Login Plugin

It can be rather off-putting for customers when businesses require them to create an account before processing their orders at checkout. In fact, when your brand is relatively new, this could be a challenge that deters skeptical shoppers from proceeding with their orders. That’s why Numinix is making it as easy as possible for customers to eliminate unnecessary purchase steps and increase the conversions of our e-commerce clients. 

The Social Login Plugin makes it simple for visitors perusing your website to sign up for an account through their Facebook or Google. This process will save them time and increase your company’s chance of converting them into a customer, building trust that reduces their wait time, creating a potential one-time shopping account and eliminating their need to remember more passwords and login in credentials. 

#5 Magic SEO URL’s Plugin 

Every business owner wants to appear at the top of various Google search rankings, however, increasing your organic page rank takes time and a lot of effort to shift around the potentials of a major search engine like Google. But what if we told you that one of the best Zen Cart modules for improving your PageRank is a top-ranking plugin on Numinix.com?

The Magic SEO URL’s Plugin changes dynamic URLs to static URLs, which can greatly improve search engine rankings and readability on all major search engines. This SEO module also includes verification and validation on each new URL, supporting the safe changing of SEO-friend URLs and redirecting them from the old structure to the re-written Zen Cart URLs. Furthermore, as one of the best Zen Cart modules for SEO, this module will allow your site to properly handle sessions IDs, operate at a higher speed, and avoid duplicate content penalties. 

Which of the above plugins would your website most benefit from? Drop a comment below to share with other readers. 

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