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When is Blogging Beneficial for Ecommerce Businesses?

Last Updated on Dec 14, 2023 by Nurul Afsar

In the world of ecommerce, blogging can seem like an unnecessary addition to an already full marketing campaign. However, when done correctly, blogging can enhance and skyrocket profits and help a business to expand its brand further on the web.

Why is blogging so important? A brick and mortar retail store is nothing more than cement and windows if it weren’t for the atmosphere and salespeople inside greeting and interacting with customers. Unfortunately, an online ecommerce store lacks that personal touch and blogging can help to bridge that gap and create a more informal approach to an impersonal ecommerce website.

It’s important to note that blogging in and of itself will not benefit your business. However, blogging the right way will have a positive impact.

Here are some tips to blogging the correct way:

Show Personality – As stated before, blogging is a chance for your customers to see some personality behind the formality of a website storefront. On your blog, share some personal stories and details of your life and family. Don’t share too much, though. The proper balance is crucial. As long as what you share is done in a professional manner, the content will be enjoyed by your audience.

Tip: Unless your content necessitates it, avoid topics such as religion, politics or anything else that can become controversial.

Avoid Excess Selling – Of course an ecommerce blog must showcase products, but the method in which they are displayed will make or break your success. For example, if you sell wedding favors, consider showcasing them as options for a seasonal wedding or in a way that will benefit a bride. If you simply post a favor with a link to buy, it will turn away readers. Involve the reader and offer solutions as you post your products or services.

Get Involved – Don’t just post content and walk away. If a reader comments, reply to the comment. Get involved with the conversation and show your readers you are interested in their opinions and viewpoints and that you value their feedback.

Another way to show your involvement is to hold contests and quizzes and give away prizes. These are great tactics to increase readership as well. Encourage people to share with friends and family and keep your customers happy. Happy customers will return for more and bring with them new customers

Product Passion – If you love your products, show it! Display your customers using your products and benefiting from them. With the wedding favors example, write a post about a customer who used your favors at her wedding and display a picture. Write about the different ways you can use a favor and in what seasons and styles of weddings. Get your potential customers excited about your products and let your passion shine through. Eventually it will become contagious.

Remember the Basics

The secrets to a successful ecommerce blog are simple. Just remember to stay transparent and honest and speak with a sincere voice. Your blog represents a chance to relate and interact with your customers and it gives them a chance to voice their concerns and opinions. This community of loyal followers can turn into long-term profits for your business.

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