Which needs to come first, content or web design?

What came first, the content or the website design? It’s an age-old question that markets continue to contend with, but the short answer is that it depends on who you ask. Both copywriters and graphic designers play a pivotal role in inspiring shoppers to make a purchase. Continue reading and delve deeper into how each roll can increase traffic, conversions, and engagement. 

What is web content? 

Web content comes in a variety of forms including textual, visual, and aural, which when paired together, creates the website user experience we all know and love. This means that everything from copy and graphics to animations and videos all falls under the umbrella of content. 

Who is in charge of creating web content?

Many e-commerce business owners are confident enough in their writing skills to tackle the curation of their own content. That being said, in our professional experience, more often they trust the expertise of a contracted content writer to ensure that the core text of their brand’s website (“About Us” page, “Our Mission” page, homepage copy, and all product and services pages) narrate the persona the business wants to perpetuate to their target audience, while also considering how it will be written to appear organically in popular search engines. Needless to say, while your web designer won’t necessarily be the individual in charge of generating the content, they are in charge of the planning, conceptualization, arrangement, and execution of such context. After all, the appearance and layout of your website are a crucial part of your business if you’re hoping to hold a prominent position as a leader in your industry. 

What is web design? 

Web design encompasses an assortment of professional skills and disciplines that make up the production and maintenance of a website. The different areas of this field include graphic design, user interface design, anchoring, coding, user experience design, and search engine optimization

While each Vancouver web development agency has its specialties, including a few of the above aspects, Numinix Web Development Inc. is unique in that it offers all services mentioned above in-house under one roof.  Some business owners also use an agency aggregator like DesignRush or Clutch.

Who is in charge of the website’s design? 

Designing a website from scratch is a huge undertaking that if done right, usually requires a team of people that each possesses a major role in its creation and development. However, for this blog submission, we are going to focus our attention on those in charge of the website’s design. 

If you’re lucky to work with a Vancouver web development agency that possesses experienced staff like Numinix, you may find a smaller team of people wearing many hats of web design. For example, the project manager, information architect, and visual designer may be the same person in charge of taking your vision to the next level. Whoever your team is composed of, rest assured that each member possesses many responsibilities, with everything from expectations, budget, page-to-page navigation, usability, sitemap, relative placement, distinguished clickable items, colour, form, consistency, carefully organized to orchestrate the best end product and overall visual design. Alongside media specialists and a team of versatile web developers, your website will be in the best hands possible.  

In the case of content coming first 

Content not only helps a business to build trust and make connections with their target audience, but it also acts as a means of fuel for other marketing techniques. Giving it the attention it deserves, your written content forms the basis of how you will give visitors the value and information they need to determine if they want to make a purchase, while also communicating to users who you are, what your company does, and what you stand for. In our opinion, this type of brand retention is part of an uncompromisable structure that builds up your e-commerce business. 

Keeping in mind that content is also of major importance for your online presence and SEO strategy, it will be what drives online traffic to your site, and only after they get there will they be able to view the meticulous design. While these visuals will certainly back up your brand, it’s the content that draws in shoppers from search engines like Google. 

Also, content is not something that is created and left. It’s an ongoing element that involves regular updatingthe creation of blogs, new pages, and other anchored content. 

In the case of web design coming first 

Your web design is the first visual representation that is shown to prospective customers, giving you the ability to nurture leads and gain more conversions through an optical understanding of your medium. While enticing graphics are just a very small part of your web design, they are the stepping stone towards a good user experience, followed by simplistic access, functionality, and navigation, allowing customers to peruse your website with ease. 

While content is the first written aspect that potential users find, the design is the first visual aspect they see, and depending on your audience, a lasting visual impression may be of more importance to your offered services or products. So, since first impressions are everything in the world of e-commerce, you need to ensure that you get it right or people won’t take the time to return. That’s business!

Depending on your services, online retail can be a heavily saturated market where a cluster of online shops and brands are all fighting to produce the best websites. However, working alongside Numinix, an established Vancouver web development agency, will give you the competitive edge that’s needed to stand out and position yourself above other brands; and this all begins with a beautiful, eye-catching design that is integral in showcasing your personality, using pleasing visual and navigational details, and when combined, create a high degree of professionalism and trust in the perception of your brand. 

What is the solution to the above debate?

Ultimately, both content and web design are equally important. Since content will provide your customers with informative value and design will catch their eye, there needs to be a balance between the two for you to reap the benefits of being a part of the realm of e-commerce. That being said, each business possesses its unique recipe for success, and it’s finding how to appropriately invest and plan out your milestones that will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. So, instead of choosing which area to focus on, we recommend splitting your budget between both content and design, hiring a team that can work together to craft a strategy that will work for both of your business objectives. Since your design team needs to know how much room is needed for the text and what types of pages the site needs, likewise, the content team will need to know the layout to consider the structure of the content! 

Are you ready to find harmony between content and web design? Speak with one of Numinix’s Client Success Managers to get yourself started.

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