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Why do people use Zen Cart over other e-commerce platforms?

zen cart web development

Last Updated on Mar 30, 2023 by Numinix Developer

 zen cart web development

Developing an e-commerce website comes with a lot of business decisions — deciding on your domain name, cultivating a brand theme and finding a professional programmer to do all the work. Although, from our experience, selecting an e-commerce and website hosting platform, to integrate innovative plugins and handle the payment processing, will probably prove to be the most important task for you as a business owner. With the power to drive traffic, your e-commerce platform acts as a storefront for selling your products and services and while your list of choices is endless in terms of available platforms, we want to emphasize why Zen Cart web development is the most dependable option. 

It has lots of free add-ons

The world of Zen Cart web development is packed full of free plugins and add-ons that business owners can take advantage of. How can you spice up your website for free, you ask?

  • Admin tools: These free features allow you to make edits, view sales reports, generate HTML editors, access email tools and so much more. 
  • Buttons and graphics: Whether your style is focused on modern buttons, shopping cart images or popup login features, there are multiple download options available. 
  • Language packs: You can download and install a language pack to run your site using a different language. 
  • Marketing tools: Add your social networks and email subscription tab to better connect with your prospecting customers. 
  • Privacy and condition statements: Easily add terms of service or privacy policies to your Zen Cart website. 

Take a look at some other free Zen Cart web development add-ons here

The system is designed well

Zen Cart is a fully customizable, responsive platform that offers several impressive features for its budget-friendly price. Choosing to use Zen Cart web development means that you’re opting for an open-source platform with code that’s freely available and easily modifiable. Because of Zen Cart’s flexible technology, developers can get creative with the website design, making the shopping experience more aesthetically pleasing for the customers. Keep in mind that although the platform is dependable and adaptive, technical knowledge is required to be able to optimize the final development project. This is why hiring an experienced web developer is important and beneficial to the design, development and provide on-going support that will be required to operate the online management system. 

There’s is endless support within the community 

As open-source software, Zen Cart web development is maintained by programmers, designers, web developers and business owners from around the world. You can even check out the platform’s online forum if you have any questions. 

Do you have any questions about getting started with Zen Cart web development? If so, please leave a comment below for us to follow up with a response.

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