Your Company Name Is the Most Important Part of Branding

brand awareness

brand awareness

Everyone wants their business to stand out from their competition. The best way to ensure that you are creating brand awareness is by connecting with your audience, crafting your brand exposure in a compelling way and being bold and personable.

Your business name is the first thing that people see and ultimately, is the cornerstone behind your brand. This is how customers will get to know your product(s) and is the first crucial step towards defining your company. Often businesses select a boring, purely descriptive name without attempting something catchy or original. If you want to avoid copyright infringement, or simply launch your business correctly the first time, try using the following steps when you create your brand name.

Brainstorm descriptive words and made-up phrases

Business names can come from anywhere and sometimes some of the strongest names are words and phrases that aren’t from a traditional dictionary. Meaningless, synthetic, made-up words have managed to turn into great names with the right exposure. Brands such as Google, Kodak, Sony and Ikea are prime examples of company names that were meaningless until their brand awareness spread like wildfire.

On the other hand, brands such as Apple, Amazon and McDonalds are real words or names that have been reshaped and molded by the company’s exposure over time and now have created an entirely different meaning when you hear them. Apple… the fruit or the technology company?  

Keep it simple

In most cases, simplicity is the key to successful branding. The ideal company name is short, sweet and easy for customers to remember and spell.

Determine your target audience

One of the most fundamental ways to create brand awareness is by determining who your target audience is. Who are you trying to reach? How can you tailor your name to meet their needs? The key is to get specific, yet detail you brand name to match the lifestyle of your potential consumers. You may come to realize that determining the right audience is an important first step.

Is there anything else that you considered before you choose your brand name? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Your Company Name Is the Most Important Part of Branding