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Your Customers are on Twitter – Why aren’t you?

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

For eCommerce website owners, the thought of posting random text on a site whose brand mascot is a little blue bird doesn’t really factor into their marketing strategies. If you are in the eCommerce circle you most likely have heard…

“If I don’t care what anyone else is doing on Twitter, why would the world want to know everything I am doing minute by minute?”

This is a common thought among eCommerce business owners. Years ago, social media sites like Twitter saw internet users of all ages “tweeting” everything from what they ate for lunch to their latest shopping finds. Fast forward to the present and thousands of savvy eCommerce entrepreneurs are realizing the potential and jumping on the “tweeting” bandwagon. This little blue bird has exploded into a mass potential for businesses to take advantage. With millions of users worldwide, it’s hard to neglect the possibilities.

How can you use Twitter to your advantage?

Social media for eCommerce is not about tweeting how your dog learned a new trick…although in the right context this tweet may actually help your business. If you were selling dog training information or dog supplies, this tweet would help you to engage with your audience.

Many eCommerce businesses stay away from Twitter because they think it is filled with a bunch of celebrity-crazed Justin Beiber fans looking to post nonsense. In a way, it is, but there are a lot of those celebrity-crazed people on Twitter and if any of them will buy what you are selling it’s worth it. The truth of the matter is that the largest groups of people who use Twitter are age 26 – 44 years old and out of those millions of people an audience for your goods awaits you.

Benefits of Twitter for eCommerce

Think of Twitter as a chance for your customers to see the informal side of your business. It follows in the same line with setting up a company blog and building a shared interest audience who loves and follows your brand.

How can you use Twitter for your advantage?

  • You can announce deals or special coupons and any other incentives for people to visit your store.
  • Network with industry professionals. Show the people on Twitter in your industry and your competitors you mean business and you are willing to leverage social media to engage and interact with your audience. By building your brand in this manner you will establish yourself as a thought leader which will attract more people to your brand over time.
  • Reputation management should constitute one of your top marketing strategies. If a customer tweets something about your eCommerce store because they are frustrated or unhappy, you must respond with a tweet as soon as possible to avoid it spreading like wildfire.

Twitter will force you to uncover what your customers want and allow you to answer them on their turf. Social media eliminates the arrogance associated with a brand and puts you in the trenches right in the midst of your audience.

Try Twitter on for Size

Try Twitter and see how it works for you. Beware though; if you start a Twitter profile and you neglect it in the future, it could do more damage to your brand than if you do not start one at all. It’s not that difficult and every popular eCommerce store from Amazon to Zappos has a Twitter account. If you don’t get involved in social media, you run the risk of your customers downgrading their opinion of you because you are not up on the latest internet trends. Your customers are on Twitter, it’s time to join them.

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