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Your guide to e-commerce product badges

Last Updated on Feb 2, 2023 by Nurul Afsar

Are you looking to increase your website’s sales? If you haven’t considered e-commerce product badges for your online store, you aren’t harnessing the power to highlight exciting elements about your selection for potential shoppers. Since e-commerce product badges offer motivation and incentive to promote customer purchasing, this blog is going to highlight the types of badges that work well and how you can use them to increase your conversions right away!

What are e-commerce product badges?

E-commerce product badges, also known within the tech industry as product labels or product stickers, are virtual designs that are added to online products to call attention to any special information. Business owners can apply e-commerce product badges to items in their online store that require a design flair to attract shoppers, and through the use of a simple text and image combo, these products are highlighted and able to better stand out from others that are displayed on the page. Common examples of e-commerce product badges include a “New Arrival”, “Best Seller” or even labels to motivate shoppers such as an “Only 3 Left” badge that highlights scarcity and an incentive to buy right away. 

How do e-commerce product badges increase sales?

While each e-commerce business possesses its own unique goals, conversions rates are immensely important in the longevity of every company. So, how do e-commerce product badges help to increase your sales? Well, we have found that they can be effectively used to tap into the psyche of the shopper and trigger feelings of scarcity and urgency. For those who don’t know the abbreviation FOMO (fear of missing out), it’s a real concept that business owners and marketers alike latch on to encourage shoppers who’re on the business to be swayed to make their decision quickly. 

Here are a few examples of how e-commerce products badges help to increase sales: 

  • Everyone else is already purchasing it: Shoppers’ love to know that their interests are of the majority. E-commerce product badges such as “Best Seller” and “Staff Pick” communicate to customers that this particular product comes highly recommended. 
  • This product is available while supplies last: E-commerce product badges such as “Almost Gone” or “Low Inventory” provoke a sense of scarcity and often harness more urgency to make a purchase due to the likelihood of it selling out fast. 
  • Get this product before it’s gone: Expressing urgency is a great method to increase sales and using e-commerce product badges like “Deal of the Day” or “Limited Edition” triggers that there is a limited timespan where the item or deal may be available to the consumer. 
  • This product is a bargain: E-commerce product badges that focus on deals or promotions urge customers to take advantage of savings. Using labels like “Clearance”, “Door Buster”, “Bulk Discount”, “Bundle and Save”, or “Free Shipping” brings your promotions to the centre stage.

How to implement the above e-commerce product badge ideas

If you’re still indecisive about implementing e-commerce product badges on your business website or need more information to determine the value they hold to increase sales and conversions, we recommend that you continue reading below for examples that may inspire you to test out this trending design method. 

Recency badge ideas 

This product badge could be used to highlight products based on the current date. 

  • New arrivals: Product badges that feature this label highlight your website’s newest products which is appealing to shoppers that enjoy being ahead of the trends. Be sure to use a colour that pops and utilize the use of capital letters (ex. NEW!)
  • Seasonal/holidays: Whether it’s a specific holiday season or a personal business milestone, these product badges are great for encouraging a hype around business seasonality (ex. Featured)
  • Hot today: This is a good way to spotlight trending products based on what customers are buying or what is selling well on your competitor’s websites. 
  • Current events: Promotional badges that piggyback on to current political/pop culture trends. This e-commerce product badge idea also translates well for website categories (ex. Black Excellence for black history month). 

Urgency badge ideas

This product badge could be used to highlight products that are selling quickly or low in inventory. 

  • Limited edition: Whether you’re only getting a certain number of products on your shelves or you want to remove something permanently from your inventory, this badge expresses urgency to grab the item before it’s gone. 
  • Hard to find: If your business has gotten a hold of a rare product, this label allows you to indicate that your product is not easy to access just anywhere. 
  • Deal of the day: Do you enjoy the conversions that are generated from flash sales? This label highlights them on your page encouraging shoppers to buy before that deal is no longer available. 
  • Countdown timers: This is another method for reinforcing the urgency in purchasing right away.
  • Low inventory: This badge works as a scarcity alert to let shoppers know that the item they’re interested in is almost gone (ex. Only 1 Left). 

Social proof badge ideas

The term social proof is used to describe a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others to undertake behaviour in a given situation. So, if a dose of social proof is something that your business is after, continue reading to determine the right type of e-commerce product badges for this goal. 

  • Best Seller: This type of e-commerce product badge shows what items are hot right now, which reinforces social proof because shoppers know that many other people have purchased this item. 
  • Staff picks: Staff members are often considered to be experts of the business, and when a product claims to be a “Staff Pick” it’s communicating that they recommend this product above others. 
  • As seen on: This e-commerce product badge is excitable to shoppers, especially if the item was featured on a TV show or in a movie. 
  • Back-in-stock: If a product is so popular that it’s sold out only to reappear back-in-stock it’s worth having a label to mention it. 
  • Pre-order: To hype up customers about a product release, a pre-order badge is a great way to encourage people to purchase ahead of time. This also enables the business owner to know what to expect when the product launches. 

In conclusion, a good e-commerce product badge yields great power in increased sales and conversions, especially if you add them as part of your current strategy targeting traffic. By combining e-commerce product badges that promote social proof, scarcity, and urgency, you’re showcasing your items and making them easier for shoppers to find.

Have you ever considered e-commerce product badges in your website development strategy? Drop a comment below to get in touch with one of our Client Success Managers.

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