Monthly Archives: October 2012

Strategies for a Profitable Ecommerce Holiday Season

It’s time to prepare for the retail holiday season… Ecommerce retailers begin their holiday strategies throughout September and October and start implementing their campaigns right away. Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving specials, and holiday discounts, just in time for gift-giving, make this time of year one of the most profitable seasons for Ecommerce stores worldwide. Though…

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Recover Your Rankings with Google’s New Disavow Link Tool

Were your Ecommerce sites recently downgraded? If so, there may be hope for you. Months ago, Google announced it would consider implementing a tool that would allow webmasters to “discount” suspect links coming to their sites. After much anticipation, the tool is here and welcomed by much of the internet community. After Google Penguin, the…

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The Latest Google Updates that Could Affect Your Website

The latest slew of Google updates took many by surprise, especially since there were four that occurred within a four-day span. For ecommerce marketers, these updates can be taxing and difficult to follow. Even SEO experts are spinning their wheels wondering what is up Google’s sleeve next. The biggest news came when Google announced its…

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The Top 4 Ecommerce Product Description Mistakes

Are your product descriptions high-converting? There are certain criteria that transform a boring, regurgitated product description into a keyword-rich, engaging selling machine. And many Ecommerce stores fail to include these features and lose potential sales and search engine rankings as a result. Here are 4 of the most common product description mistakes: 1. Keyword Stuffing…

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Enhance Your Store’s Search with Zen Cart Search Reloaded

AJAX Auto Search Suggest

Keep customers on your site longer and please the search engines by enhancing your cart’s search function. Use the Zen Cart Reloaded Search module to improve your search results, boost your conversions, and offer your customers a better user experience. The default Zen Cart search function is limited in that it matches the product’s attributes…

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