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4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Social Media Writing

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Webmasters must know some basic copywriting principles to be successful on the internet. Writing is simply a method of communication and the entire web is centered on the written word.

If you ever wrote an email or sent a text, you engaged in writing, whether it was grammatically correct or not. If you run any type of social media campaign, you engage in writing activities. You may not be crafting the next best seller, but every post and tweet reflects back to your business and its reputation.

Social media has its own set of strategies, so even if you are a Pulitzer Prize winner, you will still need to comprehend the social media landscape to receive the best results for your Ecommerce store. If you feel like you need an extra boost in the writing department or your social media campaign is lacking, here are some quick tips to help you improve:

1. Short and Sweet

In college, my writing professor stressed the importance of concise copy. When I edit pieces, I often go back and prune unnecessary words. When creating social posts, review what you wrote and see where you can prune some copy. Even though it is a small blurb, focus on only the text that makes the most impact and remove the excess.

Here is an example:

#1 – We have a great discount for you today on Facebook! We are giving 15% off to every fan who “Likes” this post and shares it with their friends.

#2 – 15% OFF discount for every fan who “Likes” this post and shares it!!

In the first example, unnecessary words clutter the sentence. You only need what is important. The quicker you can get to the point, the better.

Additionally, Facebook studies reveal that shorter posts usually garner the most interaction because people don’t have the patience to read lengthy copy. In some cases, longer posts may be needed, but as a general rule, err on the side of shorter. For longer posts, break the copy up into shorter sentences and include breaks.

2. Use Calls to Action

In copywriting, calls to action are essential to urging your website visitors to click a button or perform a desired action. The same strategies can be applied to social media writing. Without forcing people, use specific instructions to lead users to take the action you intend. If you post a video, urge them to watch. If you post a quote, ask them to click “like” if they agree with it.

3. Feedback

Social media copywriting is centered on the user and getting a quick response. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by requesting help or feedback. This strategy appeals to the psyche of human beings because everyone wants to be valued and their opinions heard. By asking people to share their opinions or assist you with something, you prompt them to give a response even if they are not sure about the answer.

4. Your Customer’s Needs

Periodically, thank your new fans/followers for liking/following your page and ask them what type of content they would like from you. Make your customers feel welcomed and comfortable by asking them what they need help with. A little concern goes a long way in this industry. 



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