5 Popular Ecommerce Trends Making Waves in 2012

This year, Ecommerce store owners are stepping up their game and taking advantage of new and older trends. For the last five months the following strategies have been helping webmasters rake in more profits.

1. Social Sharing

In 2012, webmasters grasped the importance of social sites more than ever since Google published the “Search Plus Your World” update. With this update, we learned Google uses the statistics from its social site, Google+, as well as other signals to determine rankings.

We are also seeing many more Ecommerce businesses either creating new social profiles or paying more attention to their existing ones. As the number of people on social sites continues to explode, Ecommerce webmasters are realizing they need to go where their customers are.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest opened its doors 24 months ago and has grown to become the third largest social network right behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is an ideal network for Ecommerce store owners because it is based on visual cues and users love to share eye-catching images of all kinds.

If your product images are high-quality and worth sharing, Pinterest will help you expand the reach of your audience. There are also price categories where you can easily attach a price tag to a product image. Each image contains a link back to your store. See this article for more information on how you can use Pinterest: Ecommerce Stores are Pinning Their Way to Success

Tip: Don’t forget to add the “Pin It” button to your store so customers can “pin” your products to their Pinterest profiles. Zen Cart store owners can get the “Pin It” button here.

3. Live Chat

Live chat is not a new technology but we are noticing this feature on an increasing number of Ecommerce sites. Live chat helps webmasters reach a higher level of customer service by targeting the customers who may not want to pick up the phone nor will they wait for an email response. Many store owners are experiencing higher conversion rates as a result of using Live chat in their stores.

4. Video Product Descriptions

Have you seen the latest video demonstrations for products? Many webmasters are enhancing the customer experience and increasing sales by using video product descriptions.

Clothing and accessory stores will benefit the most from these visual enhancements since seeing a product on a person is more effective than a still image., a division of Zappos, does a great job showcasing its products with videos. Each item has a personal video with someone talking about the product’s features along with what the product looks like on a real, live person.

For example, customers seeking a pair of boots will want to know what they look like on the inside, how tight they are around the ankles, if they gap anywhere, and how they look on legs while someone is walking. Knowing the intimate details of these features simulates the physical store experience and allows customers to feel more connected with the product in the online, invisible world of the internet.

5. Image Zoom

Image zoom is also very popular and helps the customer get a “closer look” at what they can expect when they order. Image zoom is especially helpful for stores that sell products where texture and details are important. For example, a customer may want a close-up view of the fabric on a jacket or the details of the stones on a necklace before purchasing.

These are some of the top Ecommerce trends that are sure to become even more popular throughout the rest of the year. What new Ecommerce trends have you noticed?


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5 Popular Ecommerce Trends Making Waves in 2012 - Numinix Blog