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5 Steps to High Conversions During the Checkout Process

Last Updated on Jun 25, 2012 by Jenna Scaglione

Shopping cart abandonment is a widespread problem for Ecommerce retailers.

Leading customers to the checkout page is a difficult task, but urging them to enter their personal details and click the “order” button is an entirely new hurdle to jump.

If you are losing sales and you need to propel people past your checkout pages, try implementing some of these tips:

1. Locate the Problem

If you are simply having a problem with conversions, assess where the problem lies before making any adjustments. Look at your analytics to determine where potential customers are dropping off your website. You may have a greater problem with keeping them on the product pages or home page. If so, start there first before you worry about the checkout page.

2. Short and Sweet

After a long product search, the last step any customer wants to take is checkout. If you make it a difficult process, you may lose them. Resist the urge to capture any more personal information than is needed. If possible, don’t require them to create an account. Give them the option to choose between a guest account or a complete registration. One-page checkout is also a great way to speed up the checkout process.

3. Easy Edit Options

Frustration is at its height when customers must edit their cart items and they either cannot figure out how to do it, or once they do, they must re-enter their personal details. This is a surefire way to lose the sale. Progress indicator bars help customers know where they are and puts them at ease that they can go back to a previous step and make changes.

Note: Do not add any side navigation to checkout pages or you may distract customers from checking out.

4. Support

Some customers have questions during the checkout process and if left unanswered, they will abandon the sale. Ensure your contact information is visible directly from the checkout page so customers do not have to click away from the cart to get to it. Consider adding a live chat feature to make the contact process that much easier. If your customers cannot get their questions answered, they will not continue with their checkout due to apprehension or fear of making a mistake.

5. Buttons

Consider each customer as if they were a 5th grade student trying to find their way through your checkout process. Make every button leading to the next page stand out and contain detailed text. For example, text like “Next Page” is not enticing nor detailed enough for customers to continue. Consider “Continue to Shipping” or “Make Payment Next” instead of canned phrases.

If you want to put some of these steps into action right now, add these high-converting checkout modules to your Zen cart store.

Increased conversions only come when your customers are at ease with your checkout process. This means fast, easy, and simple elements with the ability for customers to get in touch with customer service as quickly as possible.

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