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How to Boost Your Sales With Killer Product Images

Last Updated on Jun 18, 2012 by Jenna Scaglione

Images are one of the most important components of an Ecommerce store. Without a visual representation of your products or a complete visual description of what is being sold, customers will feel apprehensive or they may look to purchase the item elsewhere.

Remember that the internet is an invisible world. Your customers cannot feel, touch or physically see your products. Your images are the only connection they have to your product and what they can expect when they purchase it. This is the main reason why the quality of your images is paramount to increased conversions and establishing a connection with your customers.

Here are some ways to enhance your images to maximize their effectiveness:

Multiple Views

When you offer multiple views, you give customers the full experience. Multiple images are very effective when showcasing clothes so people can see what they look like from the side and back views. When selling jewelry, images showing the scale or size of the item are also helpful.

Professional Photos

Use high resolution, professional photos for your products. Customers will judge the quality of your products by the quality of your pictures. If they see pixilated, blurry images, they will assume you are not dedicated to excellence enough to make sure your images are up to par. Don’t let a shoddy image ruin your chances for a sale, or your customers will shop elsewhere.

Product Usage

When customers can see people using your products, they will feel more connected to them. A picture of a beautiful purse may work well—but if you show the purse flanking the shoulder of a high-class woman walking the streets of Manhattan, your conversions will go through the roof! It’s all about the experience your customers will have when they purchase your product and how they will feel when they get it home.


Does your product come with accessories? Attachments? If you sell products that contain many parts, include an image that includes everything customers will receive when purchased. It’s not enough to mention the additional items in the description. A visual depiction will catch customers’ eyes and make them more inclined to hit the “buy” button.


Allow your customers to view your products larger than they are. Either upload an additional image or increase conversions by using a tool that automatically enlarges an aspect of the image when a customer hovers over it.

The purpose of images is to get your customers as close to the physical store experience as possible. People do not like to buy on the internet because they are afraid the product won’t arrive as they expected. If you give your customer no chance to question what the item will look like and how it will function, you remove their objections to buying your products. When your customers can connect with your product and feel like they are so close they can touch it, a sale is not far from view.


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