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Are your website colors hurting your profits?

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

The proper choice of colors on your website is one of the most critical if not most important strategies of an internet marketing campaign. Too many website owners spend the bulk of their marketing budgets on SEO and getting visitors to their site, yet they neglect the importance of optimizing conversions which ultimately drives sales.

What are you really trying to gain? Your main goal is to increase your profits. You can rank on the first page of Google but if your website does not convert well, you will not increase your sales.

There are many elements to a highly converting website as it relates to design elements, but colors are one of the most important. The correct placement of buttons, forms and images can work wonders for conversions, but if it is not backed by the right colors, the design will fail miserably.

Colors are used to evoke emotion or to establish a connection with a particular type of person. Here is a breakdown of the various colors and how they translate on a website page:

Yellow – Symbolizes youth and optimism and often used to grab attention. Yellow is a great color to use on buttons against grayed or muted backgrounds.

Red – Symbolizes high energy, fire and creates urgency. We often see red accompanied by clearance sales and discounts. Red is known to increase the heart rate of the visitor. Red would be a poor choice for a spa website or a yoga school where visitors are seeking calm and relaxation. Red is a great color to use when you want the reader to get energized and take notice.

Blue – Symbolizes professionalism, trust and security. If you take a look at many bank or business websites, you will often see blue spread throughout, especially in the buttons.

Orange – Symbolizes a call to action. Orange grabs the attention of the website visitor much like yellow and also creates a youthful energy. Orange is great when used as an accent color, but often overpowering if applied in excess.

Pink – Symbolizes femininity and fragility and invokes a romantic vibe. Geared to the female audience, pink is often one of the colors used for wedding sites, feminine clothing stores, and sites geared towards young girls.

Purple – Symbolizes calm and relaxation. It is often used for anti-aging products or any website where you want the visitor to feel a sense of calm and peace.

Black – Symbolizes power, a modern vibe and sophistication. Black is sleek and used by high-end brands and businesses to portray a feeling of luxury.

Green – Symbolizes finance and money and also the earth. Green is also used by banks and entertainment websites. Green is easy for the eye to process and used heavily because of that reason. Darker greens would be more applicable to a wealth theme and lighter greens relate more to an eco-friendly, organic website.

Less is More

The use of whitespace is very important in website design and often the “less is more” approach gets the most results. Your design should be simple and all of the elements easily visible. Use color to draw attention to the first thing you want visitors to notice when they land on your site. Don’t forget to test a few different versions of your design to see which one converts the best.


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