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How to Write Ecommerce Product Descriptions that Sell

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Never underestimate the power of a great product description. Many ecommerce website owners neglect this detail because they perceive a greater reward from investing time elsewhere. If you are a seasoned webmaster, you know that the manufacturer’s descriptions leave something to be desired. They are boring, lifeless and hard to read and understand. Some are even loaded with sales lingo that would turn away even the most aloof of customers. In order to captivate your visitors, you must give them a reason to stay in your store and purchase your product. An effective, creative and interesting product description will give them a reason to do so.

Can writing new product descriptions be tedious? Yes, depending on the number of products, but those who put in the time will reap the rewards. To save time, hire a writer who is creative and familiar with copywriting. If you can only write a few a day, it’s better than nothing…

Here are 4 elements every product description should include:

1. Features – What will the customer receive when he/she orders your product? Remember, this is an online store. The customer cannot feel, touch or see what they will receive. First, your image should include everything that comes with the product. Second, your description should list in detail the exact specifications, whether weight, height, or any other dimension. It should also include any special features.

2. Your interest – Customers love to read opinions about the products. Tell your customers how you like to use it and what you like most about your product. Avoid sales jargon and remain honest. If you like a feature better in another product you sell, don’t be afraid to list it while remaining professional. Customers value authenticity in online businesses.

3. Competition comparison– Obviously, you will want to portray how your product outshines your competitors. You must give your customers a reason why they would buy your product instead of a competitor. It’s important to be factual here and show actual research or studies. Just saying, “Bob really liked these sneakers because he thought they were more comfortable than Nike’s sneakers” won’t cut it.

4. Benefits, benefits and more benefits – One of the most important elements of an effective product description is the benefits of using the product. How will your product meet your customers’ needs? How will it enrich their lives? Create an experience for your customers and they will connect with your product on an emotional level. Once the connection happens, your rate of conversion will increase immediately. Which product description example below outlines the benefits while drawing the reader’s attention?

Example 1: This polka dot comforter is white with black polka dots and it will fit on any queen size bed. It measures 60″ x 80″. It is filled with 1” of wool.

Example 2: This lush polka dot comforter provides the ultimate in comfort and coziness. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning or to draw your kids into an atmosphere of cuddles. The polka dot design will make you feel like having fun and also add a little excitement to your day. The plush wool insert feels soft and comfortable on the skin while adding an extra layer of warmth for those cold, winter nights.

Example 2 draws the reader into an experience and attracts them to what you are offering. You should also include any technical specifications which should be added after you draw the reader in with a creative description. Make sure to include all relevant information without getting overly technical unless the product calls for it.

With a little adjustment, you can go from boring to effective and captivate your website visitors. Your main goal with every element you add to your eCommerce site is to create an emotional connection with a visitor who cannot physically see or touch your products. Effective product descriptions represent one method to establishing that emotional connection.

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