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Common Characteristics of High-Converting Ecommerce Web Designs

Last Updated on Jun 24, 2013 by Jenna Scaglione

SalesThe conversion rates for most Ecommerce websites range from 0% all the way to 15% and higher.

Why so different? What does the high performer have that the unprofitable site does not?

Both sites may look nice to the naked eye, but the low-converting sites lack the vital elements conducive to increasing product sales.

Let’s take a look at some of the web design elements that are common to the high-performing website:

First Impressions

First impressions matter; in fact, they are vital to increasing sales.

When people meet for the first time on a date, they will quickly make an assessment of how they feel about the person. After receiving this “first impression,” they may make a decision to continue to get to know the person…or hightail out the door.

How can you make a good first impression with your website so they stick around to get to know you better? You must make that INSTANT connection with website visitors.

Making a connection starts with knowing your audience and their problems. If your product meets their deepest needs, you will keep them on the site long enough to make a purchase.

What if customers can’t find your products?

Depending on the shopper, a visitor may leave your site if they can’t easily search for the products they desire. Many visitors will leave right away if they cannot locate what they want in less than 10-20 seconds. Your website design should allow searchers to locate their desired result in as few steps as possible. Each visitor is different so your web design must cater to all of their needs to capture potential conversions.


–          Ensure your search bar is easy to locate, preferably on the top, right-hand side of your website since users are familiar with this configuration.

–          Display security logos and badges prominently to make the skeptical shopper feel safe. Add social proof where necessary so users feel comfortable after seeing their online friends’ purchases.

–          Discounts and offers – If your industry is conducive to special discounts, display them prominently throughout the site. These offers appeal to the bargain shopper or the user who is casually searching, but not yet ready to buy. You can snag a few extra conversions with these creative, time-sensitive deals on your products.

Add to Cart – The “Add to Cart” button is one of the most tested design elements because small changes can affect conversions considerably. Avoid any button text that makes users feel like they are buying the product immediately after adding to the cart. The phrase “Add to Cart” is usually the most well-known and accepted.

Checkout – When users add their items to the shopping cart, there are three scenarios that can occur. First, the site leads them to the cart page and users leave the page they were viewing. Second, users add the item to the cart and the cart gets updated on their current page, yet the cart addition is too small for them to see. The user may wonder if the item was really added to the cart and become frustrated as a result. The ideal situation is to keep the shopper on the same page but display a prominent dropdown or similar element as the user adds the product to the shopping cart.

Here is an example of a prominent cart dropdown:

Responsive Design – With mobile shopping becoming just as popular as desktop shopping, an Ecommerce website that is not optimized for the mobile audience is missing out on potential sales. If you do not consider a mobile solution, your customers will see your current site on their devices which will diminish their experience, decreasing conversions.

At Numinix, we have studied, tested and tweaked thousands of websites, and we understand the dynamics of high-converting web design. We also understand that typical web design services can reach tens of thousands of dollars, a budget that is quite excessive for small to medium-sized Ecommerce businesses.

Thankfully, with Numinix’s Subscription Plans, you don’t have to spend the typical tens of thousands of dollars to make your website design ready for increased sales.  We offer low-cost design services that also include responsive web design in select packages.

If you want high class Ecommerce services without spending a luxury budget, check out Numinix’s Subscription Plans today!

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