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FedEx Direct Connect API OUT, FedEx Web Services API IN

Last Updated on May 29, 2019 by Numinix Developer

Numinix has authored a few minor updates to the FedEx module (which uses the Direct Connect API) for better control of handling fees and dimensional support and as a result many customers have looked to us for further development of the module. One customer requested that we add support for a new service called Smart Post. Upon investigating the capability of the Direct Connect API to support Smart Post, we learned that FedEx planned to retired the DC API completely and replace it with their already available Web Services API. A retirement date has not been set or at least hasn’t been communicated to us yet, but we’ll keep you posted! The good news is that we did complete the Smart Post module using the WS API and that this same module can be easily adapted to work for both Ground and Express services. Both modules will be completed once we have determined the date that the DC API will be retired.

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