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AJAX Shopping Cart with Coupons

Last Updated on May 29, 2019 by Numinix Developer

A new module has recently been released by Numinix which allows Zen Cart stores to use AJAX on their shopping cart page to make many of the shopping cart actions faster and more efficient for their customers. In addition, the module also adds a small form where customers can enter coupon codes and view their discounted sub-total in the cart without having to go through the checkout procedure. This is an important feature as it will lead to more customers entering the checkout once they have seen the discounted price.
Check out our demo at https://www.numinix.com/development/ajaxcart/ (use coupon code “TEST”).

AJAX Features

The module uses AJAX to submit requests from the customer’s browser to the server for the following actions:

  • Removing a product from the cart
  • Adding or removing a coupon code
  • Updating the shipping estimator

When any of these actions occurs, various parts of the shopping cart page are automatically updated to reflect the changes:

  • Order total
  • Shipping estimator table
  • Shopping cart sidebox
  • Shopping cart header

Admin Features

The admin configuration allows this module to work with any Zen Cart template whether the shopping cart uses the traditional table layout, or has been redesigned using a CSS layout. From the admin one can also disable the use of AJAX, turn on or off the coupon code form, and enable/customize the block message that appears when an AJAX request is made to the server (this feature can be disabled).

More Information

The official page of the product can be found on the Numinix website at https://www.numinix.com/zen-cart/template-modifications/ajax-shopping-cart-with-coupons. From this page links are provided to the modules documentation, support forum, and download page at Eazy Ecommerce.com. The single domain license is set at a low price of $50 USD with additional options for multi-domains and resellers available. Our regular installation service is also available for $25 USD.

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