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How Ecommerce Companies can Tweet their Way to Success

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

TwitterIt can be difficult, especially in the initial stages of a Twitter campaign, to know what to tweet or how to engage with your followers. Besides the basics of a conversational approach, knowing exactly what to tweet can be quite challenging.

There aren’t any “sure things” when it comes to tweeting. Some of your success will depend on whom you are targeting and what you expect from your Twitter campaign. It’s important, though, to prioritize your followers first and refrain from excess advertising, with some exceptions during promotions, deals and product introductions.

Ultimately, a little trial and error may be needed, but if you stick to the general guidelines of engagement and customer-focused content, you should fare well in the end.

Need some creative inspiration? Below are some tweet ideas you can try to get your accounts buzzing.

Business News or Information

Did you attend a recent holiday party? A networking event? Are you in the process of re-designing your website?

Your business dealings can be very appealing to your followers. Many of your followers will be interested in your brand and what happens behind the scenes, similar to how people love to drive by luxurious, expensive houses and peer in the windows. A sneak peek into your day to day business lifestyle or special events will be interesting to your followers. Include images and be creative with the news so it is interesting to your followers.

Engaging Questions

Question often sit in Twitter land never garnering one response or re-tweet. The trick to increasing conversation is to ask a question that begs to be answered. Try attaching an incentive on to the question suggesting that a good answer may win a follower a prize. Appeal to human psychology and ask for advice so your followers feel their opinions matter.


Your followers may need a little push to share or re-tweet your content. Don’t be afraid to ask them to share a tweet. Occasionally attach a “Please RT” or “Please share” at the end of a tweet. Sometime people just need to be told what to do and they will do it.

Industry Related Content

Your followers will love targeted content if it is interesting and relevant. Stay abreast of industry news and tweet content your followers will value. Subscribe to Google Reader and receive keyword related news into your inbox to stay on top of industry news. You can also use news aggregation sites like netvibes.com which will organize all of your top sites and update their most recent news automatically.

Vary your tweets among videos, articles, blogs and images. You can find some great images on Tumblr. YouTube is also a great website to discover interesting videos.

If you want to keep track of how many people click on the links in your tweets, use a link shortening service like bit.ly. The service records the number of times your unique, shortened link is clicked.

Be Creative

Above all, try to inject your brand and some creativity into every tweet. Instead of just posting some great industry news, introduce it in a way that will catch the eye of your followers. Inject a little life into your tweets and you will see your engagement rise dramatically.

To read some more Twitter advice and how to start an account, see How to Create and Use a Twitter Account for Your Business.


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