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How to Craft the Perfect Ecommerce Article

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2012 by Jenna Scaglione

If you are an Ecommerce store owner familiar with internet marketing methods, you will most likely have to write an article or two if you want to market your store online. Articles are seen everywhere, in blogs, in SEO directories and even as part of website content.

So how do you write the perfect article that not only pleases Google, but also your customers?

Here are a few tips:

1. Speak to Your Customers’ Needs and Wants

It’s one thing to know your customer’s demographics, but it’s another to know their deep desires, problems and what makes them tick. Targeting your articles to deal with these issues will help you gain brand awareness faster than you ever thought possible. For example, I recently read an article about an Ecommerce store that spent time researching their customers and discovered some objections related to the industry. In response, they created an article resource on their site that handled these objections and dug deep to answer their customers’ questions. The resource became an industry favorite and they gained hordes of traffic and links as a result.

Do you have to create a similar article resource? Not necessarily, but you should think about the method behind implementing this strategy. By solving a need in your marketplace, your brand will expand and your sales will increase. You become the answer to your customers’ problems.

How do you discover your customers’ needs? Hang out where they hang out…social media sites, industry forums, anywhere customers have the ability to communicate their problems.

2. Proper Grammar

Even Google has jumped on the grammar bandwagon. The search engine deems poor grammar as poor quality content. One of the questions Google tells webmasters to ask when writing articles is…

Does this article have spelling, stylistic, or factual errors?

Spelling and stylistic errors are byproducts of poor grammar, word usage, sentence flow etc. These issues are now on Google’s radar as it relates to how the search engine views quality content.

The lesson? If you are not a writer, it may be a good time to hire one. Perform the industry research and create topics, but have a professional writer craft the article. Or write the article and hire an editor to ensure your content is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

3. Get Creative

If you don’t think outside of the box, you may never generate the buzz around your brand that you need to strike gold. Research how other ecommerce stores engage their customers. Then, research your particular audience to identify any voids you can fill.

Brands get creative with contests, widgets, calculators, and even strange ideas to target their customers. These ideas catch fire because they are unique and also solve a need. They are so clever that they generate much attention, and links and exposure are an inevitable result.

There are many other tips to creating quality articles and content, but the above are in my top three. With some creativity, solid writing, and the ability to solve an industry need, the chance for content to catch fire is within reach and entirely attainable.

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