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How to overcome domain availability issues

url availability

Last Updated on Oct 23, 2019 by Numinix Developer

url availability

The world as we know it revolves around the internet which easily features over a billion websites. This is fine and dandy for e-commerce shoppers who’re searching and comparing competitive product prices, however, retailers looking to launch their business websites may struggle to find strong domain names that haven’t already been used. So, here are a few ways that e-commerce companies can overcome this startup hurdle. 

What do you do if your domain name is taken? 

If your first choice for a domain name is sadly already taken, don’t worry, there are still some ways that you can overcome a URL availability issue, even if the name you want has already been used: 

  • Consider new domain extensions: If you want your new e-commerce business to emerge successfully as a brand, you don’t want to restrict your name choice to traditional domains, such as .com or .net. Considering exploring new domain extensions to see if there is a more desirably URL availability; .store is a memorable choice that many retailers are currently favoring. 
  • Tweak your domain name: If the name you want is unavailable on traditional domains and domain extensions then the answer is simple, tweak your domain name. Reword the name to feature a smart variation of your brand name or even a classic nickname. After all, a minor tweak can go a long way to help your brand come across as something memorable. You never know, your revised choice may even turn out to be a better one!
  • Acquire the name you want: Did you know that you can buy a taken domain? There are people out there that simple purchase domain names based on URL availability only to resell them later at a higher price. So, if the domain name of your choice is taken, and not in use, there’s a good chance that whoever owns it is looking to sell. 

Why are domain extensions a good idea?

We spoke about how the use of a domain extension was a great way to secure an innovative domain name, however, there are a few other reasons that an e-commerce brand should consider this route:

  • Relevance: The extension .store is a logical domain extension for a business that’s selling online, as it allows customers to instantly know that your company has to do with retail. 
  • Memorable: Everything nowadays is .com or .net, which is why retailers are forced to come up with catchy business names to become memorable to their target audience. However, since domain extensions are relatively new, you may have a more noteworthy chance of becoming unforgettable. 
  • Search friendly: When there is a higher URL availability, your SEO game benefits because you’re able to use rich keywords in your website backlinks to appear higher in rankings on search engines. 

Once your domain name is decided upon, get yourself set up with a service plan that will help bring your website to life. 

Are there any ways that you have personally overcome URL availability issues? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 


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