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How to significantly boost your website’s conversion rates

Last Updated on Oct 23, 2019 by Numinix Developer


Persuading someone to follow through on a purchase can be a difficult task, especially with all the industry competition. No matter what kind of business you’re running, everyone needs a little direction when they’re striving to set goals and timelines. That being said, as an e-commerce business owner on the hunt to achieve your goals, you need to get customers to your website that are ready to take action. That’s why it’s paramount for you to establish a strategy if you’re hoping to increase or maintain your climbing conversion rates. 

Limit your fields

When you’re hoping for browsing customers to take action when visiting your website, why not help increase your conversion rate optimization by making it easy for them? Limiting your fields of information that’s required to set up an account or process an order are a couple of the best ways to ensure that your guests will be motivated to proceed to the checkout phase. Also, make sure that you’re getting the important stuff — name, address, billing information — but skipping over large information sections such as requiring them to fill out how they found out about you or why they are purchasing your product or service. 

Consider offering a guarantee

A great way to encourage potential customers to follow through with a purchase is by reassuring them that they have very little to lose when they order. So, if you’re able to, consider offering minimal risk purchases through the use of a store-wide, money-back guarantee policy. While you may receive a few returns here and there from unhappy customers, the increased number of sales will far outweigh what you’ll lose. 

Advertise testimonials on your website 

Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing and since you own and operate an e-commerce store, your conversion rate optimization will strongly rely on past customers informing new ones. That’s why using your customer’s testimonials can work well as an advertising tool. Whether you place them strategically on product pages or get a website developer to create a page specifically, displaying your past successes for visitors to see will help promote future purchases. 

Use attention-grabbing headlines

Creating a headline that grabs the attention and curves the appeal of your audience can prove to be a tricky task, but if you have design team helping you out, you’ll be able to test the look of your website on a smaller scale before attempting the full-scale version. You can also use headlines as a way to tap into your emotional reserves by embellishing emotionally-charged words. This type of diction creates excitement around your product or service and will help to encourage guests to take action.

Keep in that that there is no definitive secret to creating high conversion rates and there may even be a process of trial and error involved. Just remember that your goal is to connect with your visitors on a level that makes you stand out and naturally, your conversion rates will follow. 

Do you know of any conversion rate optimization tips that we’ve missed? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts. 

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