How to Separate your Ecommerce Store from your Drop Shipping Competitors

No inventory, warehouses or massive overhead…as a business who utilizes drop shipping, you realize the cost and time benefits. Unfortunately, with the good comes the associated disadvantage…one being duplicate content for product descriptions.

We all know Google is not very kind to content thieves, but fortunately, it has loosened its reins a bit in recent years. Unless you are deliberately stealing content from another site, you shouldn’t be penalized.

However, the benefit of unique content is still something to be desired, not only in Google’s eyes, but also in the eyes of your customers.

Drop shipping eCommerce stores MUST separate themselves from the thousands of competitors out there. Ninety percent of eCommerce stores who utilize drop shipping do not create unique descriptions for their products. Many businesses think the default product descriptions are good enough simply because Google isn’t really concerned with it as much as in previous years. Do you think the eCommerce stores that harbor this mentality are actually making viable profits? This mentality will never help you create a long-term profitable eCommerce business.

Transforming your attitude from Google-focused to customer-focused will provide the foundation for a long term profitable business.

This attitude is what separates the men from the boys in the competitive eCommerce world.

Step 1 – Put yourselves in the minds of your customers. Your prospects scour the internet looking for a certain product. They see the same product over and over on hundreds of different sites…the same images, description, etc. They arrive at your store and see the product, yet this time the image is different and the description speaks to them a little more. This makes them feel a little more special than they did at the other hundreds of “copied and pasted” websites, so they decide to buy from you.

Drop shipping is an extremely competitive business. If you don’t take action to make yourself unique, you will fall by the wayside like everyone else.

Step 2 – Go beyond unique – Capture their attention! If you really want to capture the attention of your potential customers, re-write default product descriptions to sound more compelling and inviting. Make them a little more witty and enjoyable to read. Keep your visitors on your site as long as possible.

Import unique images of people using your products. Videos are also another great tool to compel visitors to buy. They help to visualize the usage of the product.

Add reviews or questions to the product page. These practices not only show the visitor that many people are visiting and buying from your store, but they also act as a valuable resource to potential buyers.

Step 3 – Shortcuts – “I don’t have the time to add all of this unique content!” If you can, hire a writer. Outsource the tasks you cannot complete and focus on creativity and innovation, the forces behind business expansion. If you do not have the capital or resources to hire a writer to add all unique content, consider changing the first few lines of the product descriptions first and a few images. Test them to see how well they do. If you find they are helping to increase your profits, you can use this money to hire a writer to complete the process.

A Little Work Goes a Long Way

A little unique content can take your business from one of the thousands to truly unique and a force to be reckoned with. Set a goal to complete a specified amount a day as it relates to product descriptions, images or videos. Regardless of how long it takes, at least you will be moving in the right direction and separating yourself from 90% of your competitors.

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How to Separate your Ecommerce Store from your Drop Shipping Competitors - Numinix Blog