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Interested in Boosting your Sales? Take Advantage of the Newest Trend

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

What do Express, Asos and GameStop all have in common? They are in the process of launching a fully-functional eCommerce store on Facebook. Shopping on Facebook is one of the newest eCommerce trends and the big brands are taking advantage with a vengeance.

How can setting up an eCommerce store on Facebook help you?

1.      For stores experiencing low traffic, Facebook can provide the boost you need to get your store on the map. It is much easier to attract people to your brand from a platform that is already filled with millions of people than to draw them to your website from the massive invisibility of the internet.

2.      For stores who want to increase their following and their sales, Facebook stores can bring in those extra customers who normally wouldn’t leave Facebook to shop at your store. Facebook has become one of the biggest sites online and it is enabling businesses to capitalize on its popularity to drive traffic and sales at a rapid rate.

Advantages to Setting Up a Store on Facebook

Fewer Clicks – The fewest number of clicks wins! In the world of online shopping, ease of checkout is paramount to increased conversions. You must appeal to the low attention spans of internet users and make the buying process as simple and effortless as possible. Setting up a store on Facebook eliminates the need for a fan to leave the platform and visit your website. Because they are already enjoying their time and engaging on Facebook, your fans will never take the initiative to leave Facebook to shop at your store even if they desire the item. So what do you do? Bring your store to them.

Social commerce – It’s taking over the web. Why? It provides your customers with the means to stay social and shop at the same time. Express understands the power of social commerce as witnessed by their new fully-functional eCommerce store launched on their Facebook page. Senior VP for customer relations management of Express states, “The new Facebook store allows customers to seamlessly merge their social and shopping activities into one continuous experience.”

Set up your store in their turf – If your customers are not coming to you, go where they are. If you are looking for answers to help increase sales for your eCommerce store, try Facebook on for size. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, it doesn’t make sense to avoid the inevitable.

Your Customers are Your Priority

By diving into social commerce you are making your customers the priority, which is what they should be. People love to share, interact and engage. If this were not true, Facebook would be a long gone, washed up fad. The first generation of businesses realized the potential of Facebook and set up fan pages. This practice helped to establish their brands and draw people to them. However, this next phase not only accomplishes brand awareness, but it also can act as an instant profit boost. Your potential customers who are growing on Facebook now have the opportunity to shop without leaving Facebook and to share their purchases with their friends while still enjoying conversations and interacting. It’s a win-win situation.


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