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Missing in Action – Businesses are MIA and Losing Profits Fast

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

The web is a virtual tornado which moves at lightning speed carrying with it new technology, trends and marketing strategies. Because of the speed at which the internet moves, business owners fail to jump in because they fear they will be swallowed up by their competition or simply because they do not know where to begin.

Unfortunately, the internet continues whether you participate or not, so it’s wise to get with the program earlier than later. You already created a website if you run an eCommerce store, however, in today’s world of social search and content marketing, just running a website will not bring in the profits.

Jack of all Trades…Master of Nothing

Many marketers will tell you to put your hand in a little of everything but this theory is not completely valid. Yes, the more you do, the more you will grow, but if you cannot hire enough staff to handle these tasks at 100% efficiency, you are just wasting time. It’s better to handle 4 tasks online and execute them excellently, then work on 10 strategies and execute them halfway.

In order to be successful online it takes constant dedication, which is synonymous with excellence.

If you are on Twitter and you tweet once a week because you are only doing it “halfway”, you might as well not tweet at all. You are actually damaging your reputation more because you look unprofessional. In this business, it’s 100% effort or nothing at all.

“I want to get found…where do I start?”

Here is a checklist of the minimum tasks you should accomplish to grow your business.  The A list represents those which should be done at a minimum. If you would like to expand to the B list, make sure you have the resources to execute at 100%.

The “A” List

  • Website
  • Blogs – Blogs give your customers insights into the “person” behind the business and help to break down the walls of skepticism in the minds of the people you are targeting. WordPress is a great, free blogging platform and Google loves blogs as well. Post at least once a week, preferably 2-3 times a week. Hold interesting contests, ask for feedback and allow your community to speak freely and voice their opinions.
  • Social Media – (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Ideally Facebook and Twitter; but it’s better to at least have one social media profile
  • Content – Articles, press releases, newsletters, etc.

The “B” List

  • Banner Advertising – Research popular sites in your industry who are selling advertising space.
  • PPC – Pay per click has become somewhat “elitist” in the past year. Google has been shutting down accounts left and right. Facebook ads are easier to use and you can reach many people based on specific demographics.
  • Link Outreach – Partner with industry blogs and add value to their site in exchange for links back to yours.
  • Forums – Share your expertise
  • Videos – Viral videos are a great marketing method and they can spread like wildfire.
  • Podcasts – Audio interviews or relevant industry information can help you achieve leadership status.

These marketing strategies are but a few of the many you can utilize to start spreading your wings online. In today’s day and age, you MUST be found! The more you can do online with excellence, the greater chance you have to build a loyal customer following.

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