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Top 5 Numinix Plugins that Increases Online Sales

1. Numinix Product Variants Inventory Manager Manage your inventory on your website in an orderly and easy-to-follow layout. The Numinix Product Variants Inventory Manager is a great plugin that can help you organize your products in different variations by size, color, and more! This plugin will also allow you to customize the numbers of products…

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The Art to Profitable Ecommerce Cross Selling

Cross-selling has become one of the top Ecommerce sales techniques to capture additional income. The practice has been used by businesses for hundreds of years. When Best Buy and Radio Shack sell computer accessories and batteries by the checkout line, they are not just doing this for your convenience—they are taking advantage of cross-selling. Cross-selling…

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5 Steps to High Conversions During the Checkout Process

Shopping cart abandonment is a widespread problem for Ecommerce retailers. Leading customers to the checkout page is a difficult task, but urging them to enter their personal details and click the “order” button is an entirely new hurdle to jump. If you are losing sales and you need to propel people past your checkout pages,…

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