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Top 5 Numinix Plugins that Increases Online Sales

Last Updated on Oct 31, 2019 by Numinix Developer


1. Numinix Product Variants Inventory Manager
Manage your inventory on your website in an orderly and easy-to-follow layout. The Numinix Product Variants Inventory Manager is a great plugin that can help you organize your products in different variations by size, color, and more! This plugin will also allow you to customize the numbers of products viewable to your customers on a page. It is very flexible and functional. Try it out for $10 with a 30 day license. You won’t be disappointed.

2. One Page Responsive Checkout (OPRC)
Want to increase your conversion rate? Our OPRC improves usability and provides a faster checkout for your customers thus improving sales and providing a reliable check-out! OPRC is versatile and compatible with mobile devices, tablets, TV screens and browsers. For only $25 with a 30 day license this plugin is top notch for its price. Try it out and install for yourself or ask us to install it for you!

3. Google Product Search Feeder (GPSF)
Google it! In other words, Google your products and expose it to the online community! Google Product Search Feeder can import your products into Google Merchant Center which generates keywords in Google Product Search. GPSF will allow your products to come up on a Google search when an online shopper Googles a product name. We can help you tailor your products to keywords and voila your products will show up on Google search which can increase your sales and web traffic! This plugin is only $5 with a 30 day license. $5 well spent!

4. Ajax Shopping Cart with Coupons
Do you like getting discounts? Who doesn’t? Ajax Shopping Cart with Coupons features a shopping cart page where customers can enter a coupon code before or during checkouts. Coupons attract online shoppers and improves addition of other products in the checkout cart. Ajax Shopping Cart with Coupons is user friendly and can be installed by you or The Numinix team. This plugin is $5 with a 30 day license. I guarantee that online shoppers will love discounts and keep on coming back for more with your Ajax Shopping Cart.

5. FedEX Web Services Shipping Labels
The FedEx Web Services Shipping Labels plugin allows you to create shipment orders in your Zen Cart admin without going to the FedEX website. Less web pollution and a more organized way to keep track of your shipped products. The plugin supports different packages and dimensions. In addition, unshipped orders will have a Ship FedEx button and with one click a new page with pre-filled customer’s address and purchase information are available to you for quick shipping. For $6 with a 30 day license, you can easily track and ship your products, so quick and easy!

All plugins can be self-installed by the user or by The Numinix Team! Questions? Please email us at [email protected].

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