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E-Commerce Photography: The Do’s and Don’ts

Since online shoppers don’t have the added luxury of being able to see and touch products, having great product images alongside their descriptions is all the more important. Whether you’re using a DSLR camera or smartphone to take your photos, here are some rules to abide by when snapping shots of your products. Do Take…

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Using images the right way on Zen Cart can increase conversion rates

Do you know the old saying: “A picture is worth 1000 words”?  Well, in the age of ecommerce that adage seems to understate the real value of images. Many studies prove that online stores using images correctly can actually increase revenue! If this sounds good to you, let’s explore it further.

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How to Boost Your Sales With Killer Product Images

Images are one of the most important components of an Ecommerce store. Without a visual representation of your products or a complete visual description of what is being sold, customers will feel apprehensive or they may look to purchase the item elsewhere. Remember that the internet is an invisible world. Your customers cannot feel, touch…

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