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What Separates a Profitable Ecommerce Blog from a Failed One

Last Updated on May 30, 2019 by Numinix Developer

BlogIs it SEO? More traffic from social media sites? Great content writers? What is the one missing piece of the puzzle that separates the “men from the boys” when it comes to Ecommerce blogs?

It is not some marketing ploy to gain 1000+ visitors a day. Nor is it an advertising strategy that gains top Google rankings in 2 days.

The word of the day is VALUE. This term goes way beyond just providing valuable content. It is a mission, a purpose and a mindset.

If “value” is not ingrained deep within the recesses of your mind, your Ecommerce blog will not stand the test of time.

What does it mean to share valuable content? It means to KNOW what your audience wants to hear and GIVE them content beyond their expectations. It sounds easy, but you would be surprised by how many blog owners get this wrong.

The most profitable stores understand that “over delivering” equates to successful customer service which compels customers to continue purchasing at their stores. Blog owners should carry the same ideals. Think about your favorite blogs and why you like them. Why do you bookmark their content or comment on their posts? My favorite blogs always exceed my expectations by giving me exactly what I need when I need it. They give away secrets, worthwhile information and do not just post to fill up space.

Engagement First, Profit Second

Valuable information encompasses what YOU deem valuable. Sometimes it may feel like you are giving away your deepest, darkest secrets, but your bloggers will know the difference between truly stellar content that costs you something and re-written fluff that is simply filler to meet a weekly quota.

By posting extraordinary content, you can separate yourself from the thousands of bloggers out there that are prioritizing “making money” and coming up empty-handed as a result. If you prioritize engagement, you make your brand look more attractive which indirectly leads to higher profits.

For example, if you sell wedding cakes and write a blog post describing some popular wedding cake flavors, you may gain some traction. However, if you take more time and go beyond what you think is necessary and snap high quality photographs of your top wedding cake flavors and designs and incorporate a helpful guides to choosing flavors, you will outperform most of your competition. If it doesn’t cost you any time and effort, your blogging is not good enough, nor will it be insanely profitable.

The Mrs. Field’s company started a blog called “Mrs. Field’s Secrets”:


The company routinely gives away recipes and many do not include Mrs. Field’s ingredients. People would question why a company would guide bloggers to other vendors.  A blog that provides valuable information that is truly useful to its audience will be more profitable in the long run. Longevity and engagement is crucial.

The Foundation

These principles should form the foundation of your blog so as you build you will see growth instead of a sinking ship. Prioritize what your audience wants to hear and you will always keep them coming back for more.

2 thoughts on “What Separates a Profitable Ecommerce Blog from a Failed One

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