Monthly Archives: April 2012

5 Popular Ecommerce Trends Making Waves in 2012

This year, Ecommerce store owners are stepping up their game and taking advantage of new and older trends. For the last five months the following strategies have been helping webmasters rake in more profits. 1. Social Sharing In 2012, webmasters grasped the importance of social sites more than ever since Google published the “Search Plus…

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The Missing Link to Increasing Your Ecommerce Profits

According to a recent Foresee marketing report, customer satisfaction is one of the most powerful strategies to increase sales and word-of-mouth recommendations. A high level of customer satisfaction creates loyal followers of a brand’s products and breeds long term customers. According to the survey, while Netflix dropped some points from last year, along with Amazon…

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The Minimalist Guide to Ecommerce Mobile Marketing

Concerned about the mobile users you may be losing due to poor marketing methods? Mobile marketing has become increasing popular. According to a comScore study, approximately 234 million Americans use mobile devices and this number continues to skyrocket by double digit percentages. For this reason and the fact that shopping on mobile devices continues to…

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