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How to Separate your Ecommerce Store from your Drop Shipping Competitors

No inventory, warehouses or massive overhead…as a business who utilizes drop shipping, you realize the cost and time benefits. Unfortunately, with the good comes the associated disadvantage…one being duplicate content for product descriptions. We all know Google is not very kind to content thieves, but fortunately, it has loosened its reins a bit in recent […]

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Setup Zen Cart for Drop Shipping with AuctionInc Shipping

THIS MOD HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.  PLEASE USE THE MOD PROVIDED BY AUCTIONINC.COM AVAILABLE ON THEIR WEBSITE. There have been two things that Zen Cart has been lacking for quite some time that I’ve really been looking forward to: (1) a DHL shipping module, and (2) drop shipping support.  With the release of the AuctionInc Shipping […]

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