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What Facebook’s New Video Ad Format Means For E-Commerce Sites

Facebook has introduced a new ad format created specifically for mobile devices to help e-commerce businesses to promote their products and drive retail sales. E-commerce sites using the new format, called ‘Collection,’ can advertize their products using a video, followed by four recommended product images underneath. Users who tap on the ad are able to…

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Interested in Boosting your Sales? Take Advantage of the Newest Trend

What do Express, Asos and GameStop all have in common? They are in the process of launching a fully-functional eCommerce store on Facebook. Shopping on Facebook is one of the newest eCommerce trends and the big brands are taking advantage with a vengeance. How can setting up an eCommerce store on Facebook help you? 1.     …

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Facebook and eCommerce: A Match Made in Heaven?

Are you utilizing Facebook to its full potential? Many eCommerce business owners reluctantly avoid Facebook because they don’t see the immediate gratification of instant sales and they are not interested in posting statuses about what they ate for dinner. What they don’t realize is that Facebook has evolved from a teenager’s attempt to talk to…

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