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Why Social Media Has Become a Necessity for Ecommerce Stores

Ten years ago, social media was nothing more than teenagers gossiping about their dates and informing the world of what they ate for dinner. Today, social media not only has developed into a worldwide platform for businesses to leverage, but it has also become a necessity for many Ecommerce businesses looking to implement a well-rounded […]

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Is Social Commerce a Waste of Time? We don’t think so!

According to recent research, nearly 4 out of 5 active internet users visit social networks. Currently, companies generate approximately $5 billion in web sales via social sites and mobile applications. And according to Moontoast in a report titled, The Social Commerce Opportunity, this number will explode to $30 billion by 2015. Gartner predicts that 50% […]

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Interested in Boosting your Sales? Take Advantage of the Newest Trend

What do Express, Asos and GameStop all have in common? They are in the process of launching a fully-functional eCommerce store on Facebook. Shopping on Facebook is one of the newest eCommerce trends and the big brands are taking advantage with a vengeance. How can setting up an eCommerce store on Facebook help you? 1.      […]

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