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Top 10 plugins by eCommerce platform

Last Updated on Dec 14, 2023 by Nurul Afsar

Whether you’re building a website from the ground up or revamping a current design to align with your growing marketing, it’s important to ensure that the technological advancements on your website improve your customer experience as much as they help your sales, conversions, and brand awareness. While each ecommerce platform possesses its own advantages, it’s the diverse selection of plugins that make a good website great. Throughout our research and experience as a web development company, we’ve offered many suggestions to our clients on the upgrades we feel offer the most to their business, and regardless of whether you sell using Zen Cart, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, or OpenCart, listed below are ten of the most popular, trendsetting choices that are bound to make your life as an online vendor that much easier. 

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Plugins/Modules for Zen Cart

The eCommerce platform Zen Cart works as an online store management system. While PHP-based using a MySQL database and HTML components, its simplistic, user-friendly software makes it compatible with loads of different languages and currencies. And to top it off, it’s absolutely free, open-sourced, and built to be used by anyone, tech-savvy or not.  

Listed below are some of our favourite Zen Cart plugins, along with a description of how they function: 

  1. One Page Responsive Checkout: As a way of upgrading your checkout system, consider the One Page Responsive Checkout plugin! Presenting shoppers with a modern, functional layout, this is the best checkout plugin for those who want to make it easy for customers to complete purchases and for businesses to increase their revenue and conversions. With all the details laid out on a single checkout page, the experience is transformed into a simplistic environment with minimal navigation needed. The best part is this perfect layout will adapt to whichever dimensions are required based on the shopper’s screen size. 

  1. Google Product Search Feeder: Do you want your products to reach a wider audience? The Google Product Search Feeder plugin easily imports your website’s products into Google Merchant Center so that they can appear in more search results which will increase your organic traffic. This plugin is also great for advertising on Bing and Yahoo Shopping. 

  1. AJAX Shopping Cart With Coupons: Every customer is on the hunt for the best deal possible, so why not show them available discounts in advance? The AJAX Shopping Cart With Coupons is the best shopping plugin, allowing Zen Cart to automatically transform your shopping cart page for customers to enter coupon codes directly without the need to login or register to see their discount, increasing business revenue.
  1. FedEx Web Services Shipping Labels: Make shipping your products more convenient with the help of this FedEx Web Services Shipping Labels plugin! With just a few simple clicks, Zen Cart will use the Web Services API from FedEx to allow you to create and track shipping labels right through your admin. 

  1. Numinix Product Variant Inventory Manager: Many online shops sell variations of products on the same page, making it more challenging to manage their inventory. Whether this differentiation is size, colour, or material, the Numinix Product Variant Inventory Manager plugin provides you with an interface that assists you in better managing your stock. 

  1. Social Login: First-time customers often do not want to create an account to complete their purchases. As the best Social Login plugin, it’s a great feature that allows customers to bypass registration in one click by using their Google or Facebook accounts. Not only does this plugin instill trust in the consumer but it also reduces waiting time for customers which is a great way to increase sales. 

  1. Magic SEO URLs: Are you looking to improve your search engine rankings? The Magic SEO URLs plugin changes dynamic URLs to static URLs, which is a great way to improve their readability and performance in all major search engines. Aside from the above value, this plugin also validates each new URL and redirects old structures to allow for URLs that are more SEO-friendly and clickable, increasing organic traffic to your website.  
  1. Google ReCaptcha V3: All internet users detest spam in their inbox which is why the Google ReCaptcha V3 plugin is so popular! With the ability to identify suspicious traffic, this plugin stops those inconvenient interruptions without any need for user intervention. 
  1. MailChimp for Zen Cart: Retrieve all of your Zen Cart customers and have them automatically synced to your MailChimp account through the use of this custom Numinix plugin—MailChimp for Zen Cart. Information such as purchase history will also appear in the admin. Since email marketing is a great source of conversion and revenue, this plugin allows you to start targeting your customers without the fuss of importing data manually.
  1.  Easy Google Analytics: Better track your website’s traffic and conversions through the use of this Easy Google Analytics plugin. You can even select which tracking method to use: asynchronous, GA, or universal. With an update coming soon for GA4 and Google Tag Manager. 

Plugins for WooCommerce/WordPress

Commonly used for blogging, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that has been developed in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. With so many features available, its template system is optimal for plugin architecture, which are referred to as “themes”. 

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that creates added functionality to your WordPress website allowing you to operate an online store. Upon development, your site will fully function and become clickable for browsing and purchasing. Considered to be one of the best commerce plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce is simplistic, customizable, and incredibly popular for small to large-sized online merchants. 

Since WooCommerce is the most common ecommerce plugins for WordPress, listed below are some of our favourite WooCommerce extensions—designed to enhance the user experience by attracting the target audience to convert them to life-long customers—along with a description of how they function: 

  1. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway: This ecommerce plugin for WordPress simplifies the payment process by allowing customers to access all types of possible payment options. This opens up the potential for more international transactions, with a wide range of credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Payment Request API. 
  1. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor: Are you looking for the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress that allows you to add custom fields to your checkout page? This smart WooCommerce-based plugin not only allows business owners to add fields of text and rearrange the order by easy drag and drop. This enables a layout that works well for both customers and retailers!
  1. Amazon Pay: Increase your revenue with Amazon Pay, an ecommerce plugin for WordPress that allows users to place an order on your site but have the same payment and shipping options as they would have when purchasing through Amazon. The purchaser simply needs to log onto their Amazon account when completing the order.
  1. WooCommerce Direct Checkout: Do you have trouble with checkout cart abandonment? This is the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress when looking to speed up the checkout process by allowing shoppers to go straight from the product page right to purchasing. It’s faster, more efficient, and allows for happier shoppers and more revenue. 
  1. WooCommerce Checkout Manager: Retailers who want shoppers to have a more personalized checkout experience opt for this ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Since it allows for the addition of custom fields at the checkout, business owners sort the section based on customer preferences, making it easier to complete purchases and sell their products and services. 
  1. LiteSpeed Cache: This top WooCommerce plugin features all-in-one site acceleration, with an exclusive server-level cache to help it run faster and more efficiently. Combined with a collection of optimization features, LiteSpeed Cache is a handy WordPress extension that dramatically speeds up dynamic website content (like PHP pages), which is essential for those looking to increase their Google PageSpeed.

*LiteSpeed Cache is best combined with installing the LiteSpeed software on        

your web server.

  1. Yoast SEO: Often referred to as the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress, Yoast SEO is the extension that many business owners rely on to improve their rank in search engines. Packed full of features that are designed to help your website operate smoother and fast, this plugin automates many SEO improvements and makes it easy for Google to understand and recognize your site’s structure. With faster loading times and full control over how users and search engines manage your site, this innovative extension is one of the most supportive options in the game.
  1. WooCommerce Multilingual: Show your customers that their continued support is your priority by communicating with them in their language. This commerce plugin for WordPress is compatible with all WooCommerce themes and extensions, enabling you to translate your website to whatever language your shopper wants to view it in. 
  1. WooCommerce Product Slider: If you don’t have the budget for <Custom Design and Development>https://www.numinix.com/design_package_comparison.html then you can use this plugin to create beautiful, modern product sliders and carousels on any page of your WooCommerce shop with the help of this handy plugin. It’s a great way to show your customers what you have to offer without overwhelming them. Plus, this intuitive viewing mode is sleek and great for a limited amount of space. 
  1.  WooCommerce Product FAQs: Rather than having customers navigate away from your product page and risk losing a sale, why not give them instant access to FAQs? This ecommerce plugin for WordPress pops up on each product page, eliminating any possible obstacles that may inhibit customers from making a purchase. 

Plugins for Magento

Owned by Adobe, Magento is an open-source ecommerce website that’s written in PHP. It also uses frameworks such as Laminas and Symfony. With access to hundreds of business-friendly features—built-in client-side JavaScript minimization and optimization along with modular code base structure—staying connected with customers has never been easier. 

Listed below are some of our favourite Magento plugins, along with a description of how they function:

  1. Omnisend: This email marketing tool allows business owners to integrate and automate several channels including email marketing, SMS, and push notifications. This means whether you’re hosting a sale or have new inventory, this plugin makes it’s easy and quick to let your customers know what’s happening with your online store. 
  1. LiveChat: Seamlessly chat with your customers as they navigate your website. This Magento extension automatically triggers messages based on customer browsing behaviours by pinging them with relevant messages. This feature is great for page sessions and conversions, as it keeps customers informed and engaged longer on your website. 
  1. Nostco: Whether you’re waiting on inventory to be delivered or a popular product you once carried was discontinued but you keep getting traffic to the page, a product recommendation is essential if you’re hoping to remarket to customers and generate higher revenue. Nosto works as an extension for Magento sites, offering customers on-site product recommendations at various points of their navigation and checkout flow. So, you may even be able to upsell before the purchase is completed.
  1. LoyaltyLion: Rewards programs are a great way to encourage continued monetization from customers. This Magento extension allows customers to refer their loved ones to your store by giving them rewards as an incentive. Free advertising is never a good idea and allows customers to share their experiences as well. 
  1. OneStepCheckout: For conversion purposes, it’s always recommended to streamline your checkout to make it easier for customers to complete their purchases. This simple plugin allows you to put all the needed checkout information on a single page, removing obstacles that might convince customers to abandon their checkout. 
  1. ShipStation: Shipping and order management only gets more complicated the bigger your online store gets. This Magento extension is a Saas (Software as Service) plugin that makes it easy to sync orders, allowing you to manage all of your parcels and LTL shipping needs in one place. 
  1. MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate: With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) proving to be an essential part of organic marketing strategies, this plugin provides Magento users with a seamless ability to alter meta tags, create a simple URL structure, and generate automatic XML sitemaps. Assisting websites with crawling in search engines, this all-in-one SEO tool is a great traffic generator. 
  1. Fraud Protection: This plugin is an excellent addition to your website’s security, offering a way to minimize fraud in the Magento Admin Panel by marking suspicious refunds with back-end records. This process will also help to automatically detect and block future fraud order placements.
  1. AheadWorks Advanced Reports: With access to a wide range of reports related to monitoring the sales and performance of your store, this Magento plugin provides business owners with a fantastic visual chart and data table to assist them in better managing the admin of their shop and reveal irregularities in their business management practices. 
  1.  Magento Braintree Payments: Do you need multiple payment gateways to your ecommerce business? The Magento Braintree Payments plugin is an integrative payment system that processes payments faster while enhancing functions such as re-verification of cards,  M1 to M2 migrations, and PayPal button customizations. This maximizes business opportunities and is entirely free to install.

Plugins/Apps for Shopify

Headquartered in Ottawa, Ont. this Canadian-based ecommerce platform allows business owners to easily start, grow, and manage their company through a developed software system with loads of extensions. Considered a point-of-sale service, Shopify works well for merchants to manage their online inventory from anywhere in the world on any type of device. 

Listed below are some of our favourite Shopify plugins, along with a description of how they function:

  1. Nudgify: With the purpose of increasing your Shopify store’s conversion rate, this plugin adds engaging notifications, called “Nudges”, to the key pages of your website. Using live data, this plugin also offers real-time information that provides added a touch of customer service without you needing to be available. 
  1. Locksmith: This versatile plugin allows business owners to “lock” content on their stores or restrict certain pages. They can also decide who gets to view said pages by creating “keys”. This is an incredibly beneficial option to incentivize customers to create an account or upgrade to VIP membership. 
  1. Free Shipping Bar: Whether you need to increase your prices or offer policies on larger orders, customers expect to receive free shipping and are more likely to complete a purchase when they do. This plugin reduces shopping cart abandonment and keeps a running score of customer orders for every business owner. 
  1. Product Reviews: Displaying product reviews just got a whole lot simpler with this Shopify plugin! Since customer reviews can have a huge impact on business sales, this added (and automatic!) feature is a must-have for any up-and-coming website. 
  1. Product Filter And Search: If you want to increase your website sales with a smart, easy-to-use plugin addition, none are more important and practical than this Product Filter And Search extension. Not only does it make it easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for but it also enables you to set up signature filters within product collections to capture more searches based on the terms that are used in the search browser. 
  1. Easy Contact Form: If you want to start building up your subscriber base for future emails this is the plugin for you. Custom contact forms allow business owners to learn more about consumers at whatever part of the purchasing cycle they are in (browsing or buying) and it can have a huge impact on their experience as a customer.
  1. Candy Rack One-Click Upsell: Have you ever grabbed some impulse purchases while waiting in line at a retail store? This plugin is the same sort of idea, only virtual. Candy Rack creates attractive pop-ups, with suggested items for your customers to add to their baskets. It’s built with an AI algorithm so that it can make accurate suggestions for each customer. For example, someone who is shopping for a computer might want to add a warranty to their purchase. 
  1. Syncee: Providing a simpler way to manage your products and prices, Syncee combines supply information into a single, in-app database system. This easily allows business owners to browse suppliers to add new products to their stores or upload products from their feeds to update their stock list. 
  1. Aftership: This plugin offers customers a seamless way to track items that they have purchased from your online store. The features of this extension also allow business owners to engage with their customers post-delivery to ensure the experience went well for them. Post-communication is a great way to drive customer loyalty, which may bring them back for future purchases. 
  1.  Rise: Loyalty programs are aimed at retaining existing customers and turning them into lifetime customers, allowing those that maintain sales levels to increase their value. Rise is a plugin that enables business owners to create loyalty programs administered in the form of store credit, which over time can be used by customers to purchase items in your store like a gift card.

Plugins for BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a NASDAQ-listed ecommerce platform that offers servicing to online retailers globally. The platform includes store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, marketing, and security. While there are few free design templates to work with it does allow for unlimited products and staff accounts across all types of plans. 

Listed below are some of our favourite BigCommerce plugins, along with a description of how they function:

  1. Constant Contact: When operating a successful online business, it’s important to have the ability to contact potential and existing customers. Whether you need to let them know about new inventory, an up-and-coming sale, or industry-related news, the best way to reach out and spread the word is through email. Constant Contract is a plugin that allows business owners to create emails through an easy drag and drop builder, with the option to use pre-made templates. Automation is also a feature!
  1. OptinMonster: Grabbing emails from visitors to your website requires a plugin to capture customer attention. Not only does OptinMonster help to grow your email list using a variety of pop-ups and count-down timers, but it also helps to reduce cart abandonment and onsite retargeting. 
  1. TrustPulse: Did you know that you can increase sales and boost conversions with TrustPulse? This BigCommerce extension implements social proof within your online store, allowing customers to leave reviews to assist visitors in making a good buying decision. 
  1. QuickBooks Online: Often referred to as the preferred accounting software for ecommerce businesses, QuickBooks Online is a BigCommerce app that allows you to seamlessly integrate your invoices, reports, and other cash-flow details into one system that will automatically calculate things like payroll and tax documents. Compatible with business bank accounts and credit cards, this plugin syncs all your information into one space. 
  1. Facebook Ads Extension: Want a plugin that attracts higher conversions with lower ad spend? Recently rebranded as Meta but better known as Facebook, this advertising plugin opens your business up to the entire social platform. As one of the easiest ways to reach a large number of consumers, your business ads have the power to target existing customers, find new customers, and increase sales to your online store. Not only does this further optimize and build a fine-tune audience, but it also helps to create better brand awareness over time.
  1. Optimizely: Elements such as colour and typography can have a huge impact on a customer’s purchase decision, which is why this plugin is so popular. The Optimizely extension allows business owners to test out various designs to see which ones offer better conversion rate optimization. This experimentation app vastly improves the user experience to ensure that your website is creating the appropriate WOW factor.
  1. Conversio: Never underestimate the sales value of email marketing again! While traditional emails are sent to notify customers about inventory or sales, the Conversio app offers business owners a chance to market more products through a relevant transactional email by means of sending customers their confirmed receipt. Easily tracked through Google Analytics, a transactional email allows for an easy follow-up.
  1. Price Lists Import & Export: Small, but mighty. The Price List Import & Export extension for BigCommerce allows business owners to offer different pricing levels based on customer type. This makes it easy to show retail pricing to regular visitors and bulk pricing to larger vendors. Not only does this tool make the viewing experience customizable through a quick template download but it also works as a huge time saver for store owners who offer variable pricing.
  1. ReCharge: Growing subscriptions can be a time-consuming process, which is why ReCharge makes it easier for business owners on the BigCommerce platform. With the ability to facilitate significant increases in revenue and customer engagement this app allows customers to fully manage their subscriptions directly from the online store—enabling features like automatic notifications, rescheduled deliveries, and the ability to swap products before the shipment has been sent.
  1.   Sezzle: As an alternative payment platform that was created to boost sales, Sezzle is the ultimate buy now, pay later app. With the ability to offer customers interest-free installments and secure checkout, this BigCommerce extension helps to reduce fraud risk, and for shoppers without credit cards, it makes online purchases more accessible for their needs. 

Plugins/Modules for OpenCart

This high-customizable, online store management system is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. With access to a robust administration dashboard, business owners have easy access to metrics like sales, customers, orders, and more. With the ability to view multiple stores from the same interface, OpenCart is a flexible platform with a variety of modules and themes designed to make for an optimal shopping experience. 

Listed below are some of our favourite OpenCart plugins, along with a description of how they function:

  1. Import Product From Amazon: This extremely handy OpenCart plugin imports information—product title, images, SKU, model, and meta tag value— from Amazon product listings, speeding up the writing process for product descriptions. This works as a time-saving tool that produces high-quality information that can be easily optimized for SEO before publishing live on your online store. 
  1. CCAvenue: With the ability to facilitate international payments more securely, the CCAvenue extension is a great payment upgrade for your online store. With real-time encryption that allows for onsite payments, internet banking, and mobile payments, this easy-to-install module is the top OpenCart choice for safeguarding against cyberthreats. 
  1. Advanced Postal Code Tool: Easily set up postcode-based shipping methods and payment gateways using this multi-versatile extension. With options to set up geographical restrictions on where you ship your products, this OpenCart extension will automatically configure shipping charges and segment your audience based on their location. 
  1. Product Compare: Giving business owners the ability to add checkboxes to their products, this extension makes it easy for customers to compare products within an online store, aiding their purchasing decision. Not only does this help increase website page sessions but it increases conversions and will help to differentiate you from competitors. 
  1. So Filter Shopby: Want to improve the usability of your ecommerce store? This simplistic OpenCart extension provides business owners with attribute and value checkbox functionality, enabling their customers to conveniently sort and filter products based on their interests and needs. 
  1. So Instagram Gallery: Instagram is a gold mine for social shopping and with this responsive OpenCart module, business owners can increase their visibility! How it works is that it automatically displays your Instagram grid as a gallery with a layout that pops when it is hovered over clicked on. This design is modern, sleek, and a great interactive element for your website.
  1. Social Loginizer: With eight social log in options for customers to use, including popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, this extension grants vast access to your storefront without the need to register. By bypassing the sign-in process, customers are less likely to become frustrated and abandon their shopping carts, which is more revenue in your pocket!
  1. One Page Checkout: Multi-step checkouts lead to a huge loss in revenue, whereas grouping checkout fields into a single page makes for a far better customer experience. Enhance your website’s user experience and increase sales by upgrading to this popular OpenCart extension. 
  1. Exit Pop-up: Up your sales game by drawing attention to an amazing discount or likable product just as the user is about to exit from your website. This OpenCart extension takes one shot at converting visitors to your website by grabbing their attention and encouraging them to go forth with a purchase. Apart from boosting conversions, the Exit Pop-up is also a great tool for user engagement. 
  1.   Spin & Win: Do you need a new method to obtain the email addresses of your website visitors? This Spin & Win extension is a great way to acquire information with minimal effort. Not only does it increase user engagement with heightened page sessions but it also boosts your chances of grabbing that email with the option to add discounts to offer value to the shopper as well. 

Do you help to decide which ecommerce plugins for WordPress, Zen Cart, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, or OpenCart belong on your website? Drop a comment below if you have any questions for us.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 plugins by eCommerce platform

  1. This was a very informative blog and I really enjoyed reading it. But I also have a few points regarding it to discuss with you.

    OpenCart is a powerful eCommerce platform developed for merchants who want to sell their products both locally and internationally. Today, OpenCart offers a wide range of extensions that allows a business owner to customize the web store experience and enhance the shopping experience. In my opinion, the best OpenCart Extensions are:

    1. Advanced Sorting
    2. Countdown Timer
    3. Product Filter Module

    1. Thanks for your comment, Andrew. We appreciate your input and will definitely look into these suggestions.

      – The Numinix Team

    1. Thanks as always for your comment, Michael! We agree that many help to improve user experience.

      – The Numinix Team

  2. Nice collection of all ecommerce Plugins. This blog will be very helpful to me. I will share this blog with my team so they can find ecommerce plugin as per their requirements. Thanks for sharing!

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