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The importance of a functioning website

Last Updated on Jul 28, 2022 by Numinix Developer

Whether a potential customer finds your company through a simple online search or a loved one’s recommendation, the functionality of your business website can make or break their first impression of your brand. Even a beautifully designed website will be overlooked if it isn’t functioning properly, leading to a loss in promising leads. Listed below are a few tips for you to maximize the function of your website to provide a more positive user experience. 

How functional is your website?

Aside from seamless navigation to set your business apart from the competition, it’s essential to have a neat and uncluttered layout that’s pleasing to the eye and makes it simple for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Your products, services, and/or informative details should be broken down into pages that are clearly labeled and clickable to avoid any confusion that might lead to a bounced session. 

It’s all about the customer

While you make the website design and development decisions, it’s the customers that must navigate your platform on the hunt for products, services, and/or information. So, even though you’re the builder, visitors are the ones that the website was built for. If your website is engaging to your audience and meets their needs, then they will want to spend added time exploring, revisiting it in the future, and possibly even consider doing business with your company. 

Load time matters

If a page takes too long to load after it has been clicked on, consider that to be the end game for your opportunity to impress potential customers. We can recommend that you attempt to cut down the number of plugins and features on your website that may be contributing to its slow down or you can consult with our professional web design and development team to learn more about how to amp up your website through speed optimization

Add high-quality content often

While there are many ways that your website can benefit from high-quality content, sharing your wealth of knowledge with those who choose to spend time on your website often leads to a return visit. That said, it’s important to provide original content that answers consumer questions, proves a point, describes your business and/or products and services, as well as offers relevancy to the industry. Be sure to offer consistency with the timing of publishing as well so that visitors can know when to expect new postings. 

All of these web design and development tips will ensure that your website functions and appeals to all who visit. And who knows? You might not need a full do-over when a revamp to your site’s appearance and functionality will suit it just fine, leaving customers satisfied with a positive impression of your business. 

What do you think? Is function as important as other web development elements? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

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