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Best Buy Now, Pay Later Apps

buy now pay later apps

Last Updated on Jun 2, 2022 by Nurul Afsar

buy now pay later apps

Whether you own an online business or are just an avid shopper, taking advantage of the best payment solutions available in today’s market is a no-brainer as it poses tons of benefits and allows you to stick to your budget at all times easily.

The idea of BNPL or Buy Now Pay Later Apps is that it allows consumers to split up their purchases over a few weeks or months and pay by installment to avoid costly charges and make payments much bearable. By providing this option, consumers are more confident in purchasing high-priced items as they won’t have to pay the whole thing upfront, which is also a good thing for businesses, so it goes both ways.

With so many Buy Now Pay Later Apps today, you won’t go out of options. Businesses are gradually hopping on the idea as many already have integrated BNPL into their payment methods. In this blog, we’ll feature some of the Best Buy Now, Pay Later Apps for you to choose from.

Why Use Buy Now Pay Later?

Before we hop on the specific apps, let’s first discuss why using BNPL for business or personal use is good and how it can benefit you.

Higher Conversion Rates

Cart Abandonment at the checkout is a common occurrence, especially for online commerce. With the option to pay less upfront, Buy Now Pay Later Apps helps increase the conversion rates for businesses by offering manageable payments instead of spending large amounts at one time.

Adds Consumer Confidence

Manageable payments make consumers more confident in purchasing higher-priced items. Splitting the total amount in small installments minimizes their risk and gives them a much more manageable payment option.

Attracts New Customers

Another excellent benefit of integrating Buy Now Pay Later into your payment options is to attract new customers who can’t seem to afford drastic payments for your higher-priced products. You’ll have a larger market to work with and tons of marketing opportunities for different classes with varied payment options.

Installment Options Reduces Post Purchase Regret

Buyer’s remorse or Post-purchase regret is common for shoppers, especially online. Buy Now Pay Later is an excellent way to avoid returns, refunds, and guilt from customers as they won’t have to pay that much initially. Regret often comes when spending a little too much out of their budget, but since BNPL offers budget-friendly rates, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Best Buy Now, Pay Later Apps

Now that we’ve straightened out the many reasons why integrating BNPL into your payment methods is beneficial to both consumers and business owners, here are some of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps that you can use for the best experience.



For people who are struggling to get approved for because of their credit score, you could easily set up Afterpay without a credit check and minimum score. This makes them one of the most commonly used buy now pay later apps by students and young adults. The ability to follow your favorite brands and get notified of new drops poses opportunities for both businesses and consumers. Their stats show that people who use Afterpay shop 50% more frequently than those who don’t. It also contributes to a seamless user experience by providing a customized shopping experience and reaching a broader range of tailored audiences to find their unique interests. With 19 million and counting Afterpay customers, it’s undoubtedly one of the best buy now pay later apps out there. Check AfterPay alternatives.

a guy sitting on sofa using a phone


Affirm is one of the forefront BNPL providers available in multiple countries when discussing Buy Now Pay Later Apps. Both business owners and shoppers love using their service as they are excellent at tailoring customer experience varied to their unique interests. The right products will be shown to the right customers, increasing relevance and inevitably increasing conversion rates. Another great feature that you’ll love about Affirm is they allow custom promotions meaning you could target first-time buyers, repeat purchases, and other upgrades to spice up your deals that will benefit both businesses and consumers. Since Affirm goes way beyond offering split payments through buy now pay later services. They also help businesses grow by providing professionally designed templates and other materials that will help skyrocket your marketing efforts.

Klarna paylater service


When it comes to smooth online shopping, everyone seems to be hopping on the buy now pay later app called Klarna. They are also one of the smoothest payment providers that cater to multiple countries worldwide. Business owners love Klarna because they offer exclusivity and many other deals for brand awareness. Having a shareable wishlist function for other people to see creates tons of marketing opportunities for businesses. Other people following them have a high chance of being interested in the same items, which leads to more conversions. After implementing the payment solution, companies that integrated Klarna in their payment methods typically experience a 45% increase in average order value. This while also having 30% more conversion rates as customers love the smooth and easy on-the-go payment solution by Klarna. Another excellent feature for Klarna is that they offer data client insights which are very handy in helping businesses tailor their marketing efforts for the best results.


Unlike most Buy Now Pay Later Apps, Splitit has a slightly different approach to providing the payment solution. They don’t offer new credit to customers; instead, they enable them to use their existing credit cards with the buy now pay later feature. Considering that you can afford to pay your bills on time, Splitit is a better deal and could be more convenient than other traditional buy now pay later payment solutions. Compared to Klarna ad Affirm, Splitit have a higher average order value which poses tons of opportunities for businesses. Their straightforward setup process is ideal for buying luxury goods such as technological products, furniture, and other costly purchases. Splitit is one of the best solutions to control your monthly cash flow for both business and personal use.

sezzle logo


Last but definitely not the least, Sezzle. They are a Buy Now, Pay Later Payment Solution that offers the option to pay in 4 for over six weeks with no interest! They are ideally known for smaller online purchases with a 25% down payment and then pay the rest within six weeks, as this method is much more convenient and cheaper than using a traditional credit card. Another awesome thing about Sezzle is that you won’t have to worry upon registration as they finance without a hard credit check. For businesses, you can expect to see new customers by reaching millions of existing users from Sezzle, larger purchases as splitting payments allow them to make larger orders, and zero credit risk as you’ll get paid in full immediately!

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