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How Valuable is Deep Linking?

Last Updated on May 29, 2019 by Numinix Developer

So now that your link building campaign is in full swing, you may have heard about deep linking.  Deep linking means linking either externally or internally to pages on your site that are not the homepage or one of the first level pages. Traditional thought is still that deep links don’t have much value.  I am here to bust that myth wide open.  So, how valuable is deep linking?  Valuable enough to garner some of my time and attention.  Check this out.

Rev Up Your SERP Ranking

The number one thing you are trying to accomplish through any link building endeavor is to move up the page on the search engine results.  Deep links will help you accomplish this.  The more pages you can get external links to on your site, the more points you score with Google and Co., and the higher up the ranking pages you move.  Variety is the spice of life, and Google and the other BSE’s recognize this.  It shows them that all of the content throughout your site is worthwhile and that the links are natural.  I spoke about the importance of this in my previous article on link building.

Accelerate Your Keywords

Once your deeper pages have links, the search engines will begin to crawl and index them.  This allows you to use more keywords to target your audience.   Instead of cramming all of the keywords on the home page or the category pages, you can rank on more specific keywords.  For instance, if you have a movie rental site, instead of trying to fit the words The Hangover on to your main pages, you could target keywords like: comedy, bradley cooper,  and hangover movie on that specific page.  The more keywords you rank on, the more traffic goes to your site.

Bring on the Traffic

Deep links will increase the traffic to your site dramatically.  They will also convert more readily to sales because you are giving the people exactly what they want.  Using the above example, think about it this way:  If you read a review of The Hangover and think “Wow, I want to rent/buy that movie”, would you be happier with being taken to the homepage of FlixBuster, or would you want to go to the page where you can rent The Hangover directly?  As for me, I would choose the latter.  Your site is the same way.  If people can go directly to what they want, they are more likely to make that purchase, return to your site, and tell others about how easy it is to use.  That means more business for you.

Restore That Old Model

One more thing that deep links will do is resurrect old content from your site.  Imagine that you are plugging away on your blog and happen to mention something in passing that pertains to a blog you wrote six months ago.  Add a link to your old blog, and someone may read it.  Then they may recommend it to someone else and before you know it, that old content is viral and you are ranking on keywords and pages you had long forgotten.  That’s just free traffic right there.

So you see, the value of deep linking is like a domino effect.  You boost your page rank which gives you a chance to accelerate your keywords.  This will continue to boost your page rank and drive more traffic to your site. It may also help old content become restored.  Clearly, the value of deep linking on your site will be well worth your, or your SEO’s, time and energy.

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