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Logical Position

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Last Updated on Sep 16, 2020 by Reece Mack

Logical Position SEO Agency

Logical Position is an SEO agency and digital marketing agency based out of the United States. They have nine offices including three in Oregon as well as other states including Nevada, Illinois, and Texas.

Much like our sister company, Trek Marketing, Logical Position aims to help clients succeed in Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising for major search engines including Bing and Google.

Trek Marketing vs Logical Position

Logical Position is a lot more expensive versus the cost for Trek Digital Marketing’s services. However, what you get for that additional cost is unknown. In fact, according to Reddit forums, Logical Position’s clients are less than thrilled with the quality of the work that they have received for the price that they paid. One Redditor described Logical Position’s work as “hot garbage”—a sentiment echoed by other Redditors. JayKnow05 described their experience:

“We did, we cancelled our agreement after about a month. Essentially they picked a couple keywords and copy based on a 15 minute call, made a few banner ads without our input then put up all our products on Google Shopping (which we had already done). They fiddled with ad spend a little but we didn’t feel like they really brought any expertise to us. Surely if we paid more we’d get a higher level of service, but we felt like they didn’t really care to understand our business or attempt to find keywords that would work for us. They blamed any lack of success on brand infancy, but brought no new ideas about how to solve that.”

Considering that clients pay a management fee of $600 or more, it would be reasonable to expect more service than what was described by JayKnow05. Others have described that the brand hires recent college grads and while it’s great that these grads have a chance to start their careers, do you really want to pay top dollar for an inexperienced marketing professional? Or would you rather pay a reasonable fee for seasoned professionals that have a proven track record of eCommerce success? Because the latter is exactly what you get when you hire Trek Marketing as well as Numinix Web Development.

Trek’s SEO Approach

Trek Marketing’s On-Page SEO for eCommerce includes focusing major ranking factors including on Page Layout Optimizations, SEO Audits, Page Speed Optimizations, Finding and Fixing Broken Links, Ensuring Best Practices like Headers, URLs and Metadata, Basic and Advanced Schema Markup, Optimizations for Voice Search, Original and Engaging Content Creation.

Meanwhile, Trek also builds the Off-Site SEO for eCommerce websites by submitting to Local Directories and Listings, Claiming Missed Opportunities, Public Relations, Guest Posting, and Content Creation for Backlinking.

Trek’s PPC Approach

The Logical Position competitor’s approach to pay per click is designed to grow as your company grows. In short, as with many marketing companies, Trek invests in your eCommerce business’ success. So, as you experience success in your campaigns, we all get to enjoy and reap the benefits. Our affordable management costs aim to help you recoup a positive ROI as quickly as possible.

To find out more about the benefits that your business could access by hiring the Logical Position alternative, Trek Marketing, get in touch today.

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