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Bitcoin Payment Plugin for Zen Cart

Bitcoin Payment Plugin for Zen Cart

Bitcoin Payment Plugin for Zen Cart

Are you inadvertently limiting your online conversion and sales potential by offering only a limited number of payment options to your customers? While most e-commerce businesses provide credit card and PayPal processing options, many are hesitant to venture into the nebulous world of cryptocurrencies, which are quickly becoming the payment of choice in a wide variety of industries. If you’re curious about the phenomenon, this blog post will provide you with more information about Bitcoin and explain how you can offer Bitcoin payments for your Zen Cart store.

Benefits of Accepting Bitcoin

While there are thousands of cryptocurrencies around the world, Bitcoin is one of the most popular and well-known ones. Among the ever-growing number of companies that accept Bitcoin are giants such as Overstock.com, Expedia, and Microsoft, just to name a few.

In addition to being a convenient method of payment, Bitcoin is secure and fast, providing e-commerce businesses with a safe way of processing international transactions with ease. Unlike credit cards that are highly susceptible to identity theft, Bitcoin is less prone to payment frauds, and since each Bitcoin transaction is irreversible, online stores are protected from chargebacks that plague the credit card scene.

Bitcoin Payment Plugin for Zen Cart

If you are looking to accept Bitcoin payments for your Zen Cart store, CoinGate offers a free payment module for your e-commerce platform. There are no registration or recurring fees; CoinGate only charges 1% of the total transaction cost.

You simply have to install the plugin and set the price of your products in the currency of your choice. Early adopters who select the Bitcoin payment option can view Bitcoin price, which is automatically calculated in real-time, and you receive the amount, minus their transaction fees. Payout options offered are in Euro, US dollars, or Bitcoins and do not involve any additional charges.

If you need help installing the Bitcoin payment plugin for Zen Cart, we would be happy to assist. Contact Numinix today to get started.


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